Special Requests

Residential Ballpark Estimate Requests

The PNM Residential Ballpark Estimate tool provides a general estimate based on customer inputs and is offered to assist customers in their decision to submit an application for residential service. Please complete the short survey to submit your Request for a Residential Ballpark Estimate.

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Emergency Service Connections

View the requirements to submit an emergency service connection.

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Tribal Land Projects

Tribal Declarations

With the proper documentation, tribal lands held in trust by the Federal Government are not subject to NM Gross Receipt Tax (NMGRT), including construction services.

Declaration of Tribal Membership
For residential NSD projects on tribal lands, please have the tribal member complete the Declaration of Tribal Membership for their new service delivery project is being performed on tribal trust lands. With the proper documentation, tribal lands held in trust by the Federal Government are not subject to NM Gross Receipt Tax (NMGRT), including construction services.

Tribal Government Tax Exemption Letter
For tribal government NSD projects, a tribal tax exemption letter for the current calendar year needs to be on file with PNM or submitted with project documents for project costs to be tax exempt.

Statement of Fact Affidavit (In Lieu of Permit)

For projects on tribal lands, the PNM Statement of Fact (SoF) affidavit must be filled out completely and signed by the licensed electrician responsible for the work, then submitted to PNM by uploading the statement of fact form to the New Service Delivery (NSD) or Interconnection application, respectively. As the electrician is completing work on tribal sovereign land, the SoF affidavit is completed in lieu of a permit. PNM will conduct an inspection prior to finalizing energization.

NOTE: This form must be submitted along with a copy of the installer's Driver's License and New Mexico Electrical Journeyman's license.

If you have any questions on permits, please call 505-241-3425 during regular business hours (7:30am - 3:30pm) Monday through Friday.

Underground Joint Trench Requests (Metro & Santa Fe Only)

Do you need underground electric services in the greater Albuquerque Metro or Santa Fe area? In most cases, you have the option to have telephone, cable TV and gas installed in the same trench as the PNM electric facilities. PNM and New Mexico Gas Company work closely with an outside contractor to schedule the installation of all needed utilities. When joint trench utilities are planned, the customer will serve as the focal point for coordination of the project. Please read the attachment and follow the steps that need to be taken to assist with a timely installation.

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Meter Spot Appointment Requests

A meter spot is requested when either a meter is being relocated 5 feet or greater from an existing location or a new meter is being installed, and the location of the relocation or installation needs to be confirmed. When a meter spot is requested, a PNM Inspector will visit the site and identify the acceptable location(s) for the meter.  Please complete the short Meter Spot Appointment Request form to have a PNM Inspector contact you to schedule your appointment.

PNM Meter Standards advise that: for new construction, meters shall be installed on the side of the home or building and located 10' (feet) from the street side of the home or building, but not behind stems walks, sidewalls or other encumbrances. This is in accordance with drawings DS-4-3.0 (overhead), DS-4-5.0 (underground), and MS-7-1.0. However, in communities with dedicated alleys, the meter location requirements may differ. Please contact the local electrical governing authority for specific community requirements.

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Access to PNM Equipment

PNM considers safety while working on the PNM system to be paramount. It is recognized that entry into PNM equipment, such as pad-mounted transformers and switchgear by third-party contractors may be necessary from time to time. Access into this equipment will be strictly controlled by PNM and shall be opened by authorized PNM personnel only.  Examples of equipment access include: open/close requests, copper theft, and transformer de-energization.

A qualified contractor must make arrangements to gain access into PNM equipment for the purpose of installing conduit or pulling secondary cable. Whenever possible, the equipment will be de-energized prior to access. If the equipment cannot be de-energized, the contractor must make arrangements for an authorized PNM employee to be present as long as the equipment is open. Any unauthorized access into PNM equipment will be considered trespass and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

If access is needed to PNM Equipment, please complete the Equipment Access Request Form and provide the necessary documentation and a PNM Representative will reach out to you. 

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