Energy Sources

Have you every wondered where the electricity you rely on every day comes from? 

It's a common question, and the answer is that PNM uses several sources to create reliable, affordable and envrionmentally responsible electricity for our customers. Today, we rely on a smart, balanced fuel mix that includes solar, wind, goethermal, natural gas, nuclear and coal. Every year, we're adding more and more renewable resources to that mix and while we're very proud that 15% of your power is generated through renewables (projected to be 20% by 2020), we know there is more to do as we work to provide for your power into the future.

This chart represents our current generation portfolio. Right now, these are the sources of fuel for the energy we provide to you, our customers. We're constantly striving to increase our use of renewable energies and to make the consumption of non-renewables more friendly to the environment. 

PNM current energy mix

Energy Storage

Read or download the 2017 HDR PNM Energy Storage Report 

View a presentation on Energy Storage  outlining the current state of the technology and potential benefits it plays in providing reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible electricity. 

Resource Tradeoffs

When looking toward the future and how to meet customers' energy needs, an energy provider has to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of generation resource. This chart weighs the advantages and disadvantages of the many resources available to help power our customers homes and businesses.