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PNM Customer Solar Energy Program

If you're a PNM customer interested in installing solar power on your home or commercial building and generating some or all of your own electricity, then you'll be interested in learning more about the PNM Customer Solar Energy Program.

Know your Rights as a Consumer

Before you buy or lease, it's important for you to know your rights and know what you are paying for. Click here for important information about your rights as a consumer, and laws in place to protect you. 

About the Program

In November of 2016, PNM was approved to extend the Customer Solar REC Purchase Programs for three more years, starting January 1, 2017 and continuing through the end of 2019 (see Final Order for NMPRC Case No. 16-00148-UT at The program extension is for new applicants who apply on or after January 1, 2017 and do not have an interconnected system at the time of application for a new system. The program consists of two size categories of new solar and solar thermal systems, (1) small and (2) large:

  1. Small Systems: systems up to and including 10kWAC of inverter capacity. The annual program capacity limit for Small systems is 2MWAC (6 MWAC total for the 3-year extension). Projects will have nine (9) months from passing technical screening to construction/ permitting in order to receive the REC credit. The application fee is $150.
  2. Large Systems: systems above 10kWAC up to and including 100kWAC of inverter capacity. The annual program capacity limit for Large systems is 1MWAC (3 MWAC total for the 3-year extension). Projects will have twelve (12) months from passing technical screening to construction/permitting in order to receive the REC credit. The application fee is $450.

Please note that the extension of the Large Solar REC Purchase Program does not apply to systems over 100 kWAC.

All awarded REC purchase agreements will have a term of eight (8) years and a REC purchase price of $.0025/kWh for energy produced and consumed on-site. The annual available capacity for both the Small and Large categories is reset every year; unused capacity from the previous year will not carry over to the next year.  If the annual allotment in either the Small or Large category becomes fully subscribed, new applicants will be placed on a waiting list. If REC capacity becomes available (due to a cancelled project or a project which doesn't make the construction deadline), the next applicant on the waiting list will be awarded the REC purchase contract.

If your projects involve a third party, please make sure the third-party information on page two (2) of the application is complete and correct, and make sure that this third party will be receiving the REC credits. This is very important; changes to this information after-the-fact are difficult and time-consuming.

Program Overview

For nearly a decade, PNM has supported customer-owned solar generation, which has helped drive solar industry growth and consumer choice in the Land of Enchantment. The PNM Customer Solar Energy Program helps our customers save money and support their commitment to renewable energy.

The PNM Customer Solar Energy Program is available to any PNM residential or business customer that installs a qualified solar energy system and has it interconnected to the PNM power grid. The Program:

  • Applies to grid-tied solar PV systems and solar thermal electric technologies.
  • Limits maximum system size to 100kWAC.
  • Does not offer incentives for solar water heaters and other solar-heated equipment.

We have received questions from customers who have been approached by local solar companies proposing free solar as part of a "partnership with PNM." The PNM Customer Solar Energy Program is not associated, aligned or a partner with any solar installer / contractor. We do not maintain a "preferred provider" list. PNM inspects these systems to verify that they meet applicable NM Public Regulation Commission requirements so they can be safely connected to the grid.


You will benefit in two ways when you install and interconnect a qualified solar energy system to the PNM power grid:

  1. Renewable energy certificate (REC) purchase: Because you are adding renewable-fueled power to the PNM system, we pay you for helping us meet our environmental goals.

REC prices are based on the size of the installed system.

Customers should consider the application fee and potential REC credits for both Small and Large systems in determining whether or not the Solar REC Purchase Program makes economic sense. For example, a customer generating 600 kWh in a given month would be eligible for a REC credit of $1.50. Customers can still apply for interconnection only, for a much lower application fee. 

  1. Net metering: Since your system is producing energy, you only have to buy electricity from PNM when you have used more energy than your system produced in a given billing period.

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