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PNM electricity reliability is among the best in the nation, but when outages do affect you, the Outage Center provides you with resources to report new outages or view known outages on our outage map.

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FAQs: Power Outages

  • Is it necessary to let PNM know when my power goes out?
    • Yes. We may not always know if there's an outage at your specific location, so it's best to let us know. You don't have to call, though. You can also report it online, through our mobile site, or text #OUT to 78766. You will need to register first by texting #REG to 78766. Message and data rates may apply. 
  • How can I find the status of an outage without having to call?
    • You can view our online outage map or check our mobile outage map to view the status of an outage. For large outages ¿ generally those affecting 1,000 customers or more ¿ we post updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages. more...
  • When is the estimated restore time updated?
    • Each outage is different. We provide updates as we receive additional information from the Operations Dept and the crews for each outage situation. 
  • How do I report a street light that is out?
    • All street light outages should be reported by calling 888-DIAL-PNM, or they can be reported at PNM.com/streetlights. Please try to be as detailed as possible about the location of the light you wish to report. To view an online Streetlight Owner Map, click here

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