Request More Time
to Pay

During these troubled times, PNM wants our customers to be certain of one thing: We are in this together and PNM is here to help. If you have been impacted in any way by the coronavirus pandemic and are having difficulty paying your electric bill, please contact us so we can make arrangements. We can also discuss payment assistance programs, such as the PNM Good Neighbor Fund, that may be able to help. Please reach out to us via live chat on, email ( or phone (888-342-5766) to discuss your options. Please be vigilant against scammers claiming to be with PNM and insisting on you paying with a prepaid gift card. PNM will never ask you to pay with a pre-paid gift card.

Sometimes people need a little help, and we try to be as flexible as possible. A payment extension gives you more time to pay an amount that is already past due and helps you avoid having your services shut off due to non-payment.

If you have received a PNM bill with a disconnect notice, but you are unable to pay the amount due by the "pay no later than" date, you can request a payment extension.

How it works

  • Once your request is filed, in most cases you'll know right away if the payment extension was approved. 
  • If approved, the system will tell you the amount that was extended and the new due date. You will then have the option of accepting or rejecting the payment extension. The new due date for the past-due amount will be about 10 calendar days after the original disconnect date.

To request a payment extension online:

  • Log in to your PNM Online Account, or if you don't have an online account, sign up for one today.
  • Click on the links:  View Detailed Bill,  Make a Payment and then Payment Extension. 

Request Online


To request an extension by phone:

  • Call PNM Customer Service at (888) 342- 5766 and have your PNM account number handy. 
  • Follow the voice prompts on the automated phone system:
    • Main menu > Billing and payments 
      • You will be asked to enter the first nine digits of your account number and the ZIP code of the address where you receive electric service after you say "billing and payments".
    • After entering your information, select Payment Options > Payment arrangement
      • Note: The payment arrangement option will only be offered if there's a past-due amount on the account.
  • If your request is approved, the automated phone system will give you a new due date for the past-due balance and the amount due on that date. 
    • You will be asked to accept or reject the payment extension.

Not all accounts are eligible for more time to pay an already past-due amount. An account cannot be granted a payment extension if any of the following are true:

  • The account has more than one bill past due.
  • Service already has been scheduled to be disconnected for non-payment.
  • The account is signed up for Automatic Payment or Summary Bill.
  • If your account has a medical certificate in place, please call us at (888) 342-5766 to discuss other arrangements.