PNM hosts Safety Day for employees

PNM hosted its annual Safety Day for employees in October.

PNM Safety Day is an annual internal employee appreciation and recognition event, with guest speakers, training classes and live safety demonstrations. Safety is one of our core values at PNM. That's because many of our employees, including our linemen, work in a hazardous environment every day to serve our customers and keep the lights on.

PNM Safety Day demonstrations and trainings included an arc flash demonstration, showing what happens when an energy discharge forms from a fault in an electrical circuit. There was also a fire extinguisher training and a hands-on CPR course. Employees also learned about situational awareness and techniques to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation.

"Even though PNM Safety Day isn't open to the public, the impacts of our employees taking part in this important event ripple through our whole community," said Chad Krukowski, Director of Safety for PNM. "By giving our employees the skills to work safely and empowering them with this knowledge, it allows us to better serve customers and keep them safe too."

Safety Day 2023 Photos