Residential Customers

At PNM, we provide electronic rate and tariff documents (in pdf format) for the convenience of our customers. Our rates and tariffs are subject to regulatory review and approval by New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC). Although we aim to have this information current at all times, the rates and provisions in the tarriffs are subject to revision. All of the tariffs on this site have been approved by the NMPRC. 

Rates - All PNM Customers




1A Residential Service X
1B Residential Service Time-of-Use X
6 Private Area Lighting Service X
12 Cogeneration and Small Power Production X
16 Special Charges X
22 Underground system Special services X
24 Small Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Certificate X
31 Large Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Certificate X
32 Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Programs X






16 Energy Efficiency X
23 Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Clause ("FPPCAC") - Applicable to Retail Energy Rate schedules X
24 Net Metering Service X
27 S02 Credit X
30 Voluntary Renewable Energy Program X
36 Renewable Energy X
40 2014 City of Albuquerque Underground Projects RIder X
46 2016 City of Rio Rancho UG Project X
51 Energy Transition Charges X
53 Transportation Electrification Program X
55 San Juan ETA Settlement Credit and Excess Interest Rate Credit X
58 2022 City of Rio Rancho UG Project X
59 Palo Verde Credit X


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