How to Read Your Bill

Understanding your bill is a great step in identifying ways you can save energy and money. Your bill can provide insights you can act on, so it pays to know what is on there in order to identify ways to save. 

Bill copy front

Account Number

This number is unique to you. Make sure you have it available when you need additional help or services. 

How to Reach Us

Check here for details about how to contact us by phone or online.

Electric Usage Chart

This chart summarizes your usage over the last 13 billing periods. The white box shows the usage for the current bill. For ways to save, visit

Payment Coupon

Detach and return this portion with your payment, or bring it with you when paying in person.

Bill Copy Back

Service Information

This section shows your present and past meter readings, the day the meter was read or estimated, and the electricity you used during the billing period. 

Meter Read

If you see "Actual" in this box, your meter reading was obtained in person by a meter reader. If you see "Estimated" in this box, a meter reader was unable to read your meter. Common reasons for an estimated reading include weather and access issues, such as locked gates, dogs or shrubs. Under New Mexico Public Regulation Commission rules, PNM can only estimate your bill two months in a row, at most.

Electricity You Used

This section lists the total energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh) used for the billing period as well as the current and prior month's meter readings. 

PNM bills electricity in kWh blocks, and each block is 450 kWh. The price of electricity increases with each consecutive block. The fewer blocks you see on your bill, the lower the average price you are paying for your electricity. The more blocks you see, the more you pay on average. Watching this area on a regular basis will give you indication if there are certain times of the year - like during the summer - when you should be working to conserve more in order to better manage your costs.

Fuel Cost Adjustment

Just like prices at the gas pump, fuel costs can vary greatly for utilities. 100% of the fuel cost for traditional resources is included in the Fuel Cost Adjustment of the bill. The costs in this section are not related to customer-owned solar.

-Non-Renewable: Covers the actual cost of fuel purchased to generate energy from traditional resources. 

-Renewable: This line is currently $0 because solar, wind and geothermal generation do not require fuel. The costs to maintain these facilities are recovered in #9, the Renewable Enegy Rider.

Renewable Energy Rider

PNM produces enough wind, solar and geothermal energy resources to power the equivalent of 145,000 PNM residential homes or more than 25 percent of PNM customers. This charge supports our development of these resources and our commitment to a cleaner environment.

 Customer Charge

This monthly charge helps recover part of PNM's costs to provide electricity to your home as well as customer services. This charge remains the same regardless of how much electricity you use.

Cost-Effective Energy Saving

This pays for energy efficiency programs - such as refrigerator recyclingcooling rebates and lighting discounts and business programs.

City/County Franchise Fee

This fee is charged by cities and counties for the use of public rights-of-way to bring electricity to you. It is not charged by all cities and counties in New Mexico, so it only appears on your bill for customers in those areas.

Your Budget Bill

This section is only included for Budget Billing customers. If the amount shown here is positive and the Budget Bill subscription is cancelled, this is how much you would owe PNM. If the amount here is negative and Budget Bill was cancelled, this is how much PNM would owe you.

PNM Sky Blue

This section is only included for customers who participate in PNM Sky Blue. The subscription type (block or percentage) and dollar amount is included in this section, along with the associated taxes specific to the subscription.

 Message Center

Check this area for information about programs and services that may be of interest to you as well as other news and announcements related to your account.

CITY NAME UG Rider (Not pictured)

This only appears for customers who live in an area where there are requirements to build underground lines. 



Please contact us if you still have questions