Budget Billing

Budget Billing lets you take the surprise ups and downs due to weather and usage out of your monthly bill. Once signed up, you'll pay the same amount every month - making budgeting and planning much easier.

How it works

  • You still pay for all of the electricity you use, but your total costs are spread evenly throughout the year.
  • Your Budget Billing amount is based on two primary factors: - Your energy use for the last year. - Estimated energy costs for the upcoming year.
  • Budget Billing amounts are evaluated in August and February, and may go up or down based on your actual usage and updated estimates of energy costs.
  • Late payments may lead to an account being dropped from Budget Billing.
  • You can discontinue Budget Billing at any time. If you have paid for more electricity than you have used, we'll credit your next bill. If you've used more electricity than you've paid for, it will be added to your next bill.

Who's eligible ?

  • Your account must be current to sign up for Budget Billing online.
  • If your account is past due, you may still be eligible. Call us at 888-DIAL-PNM for additional consideration


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FAQs: Budget Billing

  • What is Budget Billing?
    • Budget Billing allows you to pay the same amount each month, removing the monthly fluctuations caused by weather, changing usage and other factors.
  • How do you qualify for Budget Billing?
    • Your account must be current to sign up for Budget Billing online. You may be eligible for Budget Billing even if your account is past due. You'll need to call (888) DIAL-PNM for additional consideration.
  • Is Budget Billing a discount?
    • Budget Billing is not a discount program. Instead, it averages out your costs over twelve months based on your previous year's usage. You still pay for what you use.

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