PNM provides a variety of billing options to fit your needs.

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Budget BillingBudget Billing

Managing your budget is easier when you know how much you┬┐ll pay. PNM Budget Billing balances the seasonal highs and lows of your energy bill for a more consistent monthly payment.


Summary Billing

Summary billing is a program PNM offers to customers with multiple accounts. The main benefit of participating in summary billing is simplicity: customers receive a page with a "summary" of all accounts, or Master Summary statement.


Learn more about our rate structure.


Bill Definitions

What to know more about the different terms on your bill? Get details here.


For Manufacturers

Learn how you can save on taxes if you manufacture a product.

FAQs: Billing

  • Can I change my due date?
    • Your due date is set by when your meter is read, so at this time, there is no way to change your due date.
  • Why do my rates change?
    • There are two ways your rates can change. The first is that they change seasonally. During the summer months of June, July and August, when demand and electricity costs are at their highest, higher rates will be in effect. Lower rates are in effect during the non-summer months of September through May, reflecting the lower cost of electricity at that time of year. The second way your electricity rate can change is that there are "blocks" or groupings of rates based on your monthly electricity usage. The less you use, the less you pay per average kilowatt hour.
  • What are the different charges on page 2 of the bill?
    • The different items on page 2 reflect the different charges the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission allows us to collect from customers, and these reflect the various costs associated with delivery of electricity to you.

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