PNM Ballpark Estimate Tool

The PNM Ballpark Estimate tool provides a general estimate based on customer inputs and is offered to assist customers in their decision to submit an application for Residential and Commercial Service. The Estimate tool will request basic contact, property location and project information. A PNM Customer Interconnection team member will review the submitted request and generate a proposed design and estimated cost to deliver electric power to the location selected.

PNM Ballpark Estimate Tool Disclaimer

The PNM Ballpark Estimate will be valid for Thirty (30) calendar days from the date on the provided estimate.

This PNM Ballpark Estimate Tool uses customer input to provide a general estimate to assist customers in their decision to submit an application for Residential or Commercial Service. This estimate is not formal or binding and creates no obligations on the customer or the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM). This estimate does not include:

  • Costs associated with service from the transformer to the meter.
  • Certain fees including but not limited to those associated with necessary rights-of-way, permits, and easements.
  • Costs associated with the unusual or nonstandard conditions including but not limited to rock digging, landscape replacement and road repair.

If an application is submitted, a firm estimate can be requested as part of the application process. Upfront Engineering Fees may be applicable.

Any changes to the project details by the customer could alter the estimate provided by PNM.

By using this PNM Ballpark Estimator tool, you agree to the above terms.