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PNM Sky Blue®:
Renewable Energy for New Mexico

Solar is here!

We've added solar energy to PNM Sky Blue. Under the new PNM Sky Blue program, energy now comes from the New Mexico Wind Energy Center near Fort Sumner, New Mexico, and from approximately 22,000 new solar energy panels located in New Mexico.

As in the past, the program is completely voluntary and it has no contract or long-term commitment.

There are two different options to choose from:

Option 1: Purchase 100 kilowatt hour "blocks" of electricity. Each PNM Sky Blue 100 kWh block is priced at $1.70 per month above your normal electricity cost.

  • The maximum number of blocks you can purchase will be based on your usage. The number of blocks purchased can't exceed 85 percent of your minimum monthly usage from the previous 12 months. Don't worry - we will make sure you don't sign up for too many blocks. - Your cost remains the same each month.

Example: A customer signing up for two 100 kWh blocks would pay an additional $3.40 per month.

Option 2: Purchase any percentage between 1% and 85% of your monthly electric usage. Each PNM Sky Blue kilowatt hour is priced at $0.017 per month above your normal electricity cost.

  • Because your electricity usage varies each month, your PNM Sky Blue cost will vary monthly with your electric use.

Example: A customer using 600 kilowatt hours of electricity subscribing to 20% of their monthly usage would pay $2.04 per month (20% of 600 kWh = 120 kWh, multiplied by $0.017 = $2.04).

Sign up for PNM Sky Blue or change participation


PNM Sky Blue is an easy and affordable way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment while you continue to receive reliable service from PNM.


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FAQs: PNM Sky Blue

  • Why is there an extra charge for PNM Sky Blue?
    • PNM Sky Blue is a voluntary wind and solar energy program, so the only customers who pay for it are the ones who sign up.
  • What is PNM Sky Blue?
    • PNM Sky Blue is our voluntary program that allows you to purchase wind and solar energy at a premium price to show your commitment to the environment without putting panels on your roof or having a turbine in your back yard. You can purchase 100 kilowatt hour "blocks" of electricity or sign up for a set percentage of your usage.
  • If I enroll, does this mean I will only receive renewable power?
    • No. The premium you pay helps to put more renewable power onto the PNM grid. The renewable power does not specifically go to provide electricity to your home or business.
  • How much can I enroll for?
    • You can purchase between 1 and 85 percent of your monthly electric usage. Or, you can purchase 100 kilowatt hour "blocks" up to 85 percent of your monthly usage. You cannot sign up for more than 85% of your usage because PNM already provides 15% of your power from renewable sources.
  • If I move does PNM Sky Blue move with me?
    • No. You would need to sign up your new PNM account for PNM Sky Blue.