PNM Good Neighbor Fund Qualifying Conditions

To qualify for a PNM Good Neighbor Fund grant, the applicant must be facing a financial hardship due to an emergency or unforeseen loss of income that has occurred within the last six months. Paperwork providing proof of the qualifying condition is required as described below.

Qualifying Conditions and Paperwork Needed 

Qualifying Conditions Paperwork Needed
(All paperwork must be dated within the last six months.)

You experience a sudden loss of primary employment and the customer is not yet receiving unemployment benefits due to delays or your current unemployment benefit total falls within income guidelines. Lost employment is due to:

  • Termination
  • Lay off or impaction

The previous employment cannot have been a temporary or contract position.

Termination paperwork or check stub marked "final payment" or paperwork showing an application for unemployment benefits

You had a sudden illness causing the hospitalization of either an adult wage earner in the household or a dependent child, causing a loss of income due to lost work.

  • Loss must be 40 hours or more to qualify

Hospital bills, physicians statements, letter from physician or insurance paperwork

Be disconnected for non-payment for the first time as a direct result of a series of financial challenges.

Verification from PNM that the customer has never been disconnected for non-payment before, plus proof of financial hardship, such as hospital bills, physician's statements.

Loss of income due to theft from the account holders home or person.

Police report or insurance paperwork

You had a sudden departure of the primary wage earner from the home causing a loss of income in the home, this would include death, divorce or sudden separation.

Divorce paperwork, restraining order paperwork, legal documents showing separation, proof of domestic violence, or death certificate, if applicable

A terminal illness suffered by an account holder whose treatments have caused a drop in income levels making paying monthly obligations a challenge.

Hospital bills, physicians statements, letter from physician or insurance paperwork

You are a senior age 62 or over, who is income qualified and is facing severe financial hardship due to an unforeseen and necessary expense.

Hospital bills, physicians statements, receipts showing excessive medication costs, costly repair bills, a foreclosure notification, or excessive bills

You are a senior age 62 or older with an income that falls within the special income guidelines of 130% or less. You must either be the account holder or be a second party on the PNM account that you are seeking help with. If the senior lives in the home but is not on the account, all income in the home must be seen, validated and be within the 130% of poverty guidelines.


Household Size Maximum Monthly Income
1 $1,265
2 $1,705
3 $2,144
4 $2,584
5 $3,024
6 $3,464
7 $3,904
8 $4,344
Each Person +$440

Bank statement is required to validate income level unless approved by PNM.

You are a victim of domestic violence or crime and have been unable to work or have worked very little due to this issue.

Paperwork from domestic violence shelter, restraining order or police report

Your household has experienced a fire, flood or other disaster to your home that has required for you major expense and repair.

Insurance paperwork, police reports, repair bills

You have received foreclosure papers on your home.

Foreclosure papers