Interconnection Benefits

New Mexico Interconnection Rule

The state of New Mexico has executed Rule 17.9.568 (PDF), otherwise known as Rule 568. The purpose of this rule is to set forth common interconnection requirements and a common interconnection process based on a common screening process for utilities and interconnection customers to expeditiously interconnect generating facilities.

Bi-Annual Interconnection Report

Twice annual interconnection report submitted to the PRC providing a categorization of application types and key metrics to demonstrate the efficiency of the Interconnection Process.

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Net Metering Benefits (all PV customers)

The state of New Mexico has executed Rule 17.9.570 (PDF), otherwise known as Rule 570, which provides guidelines for metering qualifying facilities. When your solar system is producing electricity, your billing meter will slow down or may actually spin backwards. (A digital meter will show an arrow blinking left.) At the end of the month, PNM will take a reading and compare it to last months reading. If your solar system produced less than what you used, PNM will bill you for the NET difference. If you produced more than what you used, the NET overproduction will be credited to you in one of two ways:

  • SMALL PV PROGRAM (Inverter capacity of 10kW-AC or less): PNM will credit you the NET overproduction as a Cumulative Renewable Energy Credit (in kWh) on the next month¿s bill. These credits never expire and, if your system is large enough, can build up during the year and be used later to reduce PNM bills that are high due to things like summer air conditioning. When you close your account, PNM will pay you for any credits remaining on the account at Rate 12, which your can find on
  • LARGE PV PROGRAM (More than 10kW-AC of inverter capacity): PNM will pay for that NET overproduction based on Rate 12 and the payment will be applied on the same bill. NET overproduction is paid each month unlike the cumulative credit in the Small PV Program. You can find Rate 12 on
  • Interconnecting Non-Qualifying Facilities PNM will interconnect with facilities that generate power using less than 75 percent renewable fuels, referred to as "non-qualifying facilities," as long as those facilities comply with both New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) Rule 17.9.568 or 17.9.569 and PNM Interconnection and Safety Standards for Non-Qualifying Facilities (PDF). PNM is not required, however, to purchase energy from a non-qualifying facility. Energy purchase from a non-qualifying facility would be at PNM's discretion with terms and conditions, including metering options, negotiated case by case.

PNM Interconnection Queue Position

Per NMAC Rule 17.9.568, PNM shall maintain and publicly post a single queue of projects sortable by geographic region and shall update the list one time per month. The list shall be utilized to determine the cost responsibility for upgrades necessary to accommodate interconnection. Click one of the buttons below to view or download the list.

Please note, while not subject to NMAC Rule 17.9.568, additional applications to Interconnect are received by PNM. These projects are also placed in the PNM single queue for studies and cost determination. To view the projects in the SGIP queue, please visit the PNM public Oasis site, click Generation Interconnection-Transmission Delivery folder and Status of System Impact Studies sub-folder on the left hand side of the screen. These projects are added to the queue based on the date in the column "Appl Perfected".

List of Feeders

Queue Position Project Number Feeder
1 INT-40971 MD0014
2 INT-48628 A10003
3 INT-48592 LD0318
4 INT-48593 SL0017
5 INT-48598 TULA13
6 INT-48597 GALL12
7 INT-47915 TOME11
8 INT-47917 VNBU41
9 INT-47938 ELCE11
10 INT-48247 SCEN11
11 INT-48284 SL0017
12 INT-48250 FIST11
13 INT-48281 ELCE11
14 INT-48248 VERA22
15 INT-48252 MANZ12
16 INT-48251 JARA11
17 INT-47918 HOND11
18 INT-47919 COLI11
19 INT-47920 LD0318
20 INT-47943 HERM14
21 INT-47947 HOND11
22 INT-47949 HERM11
23 INT-48788 TULA14
24 INT-48786 TULA14
25 INT-48789 TULA12
26 INT-48787 TULA13
27 INT-48791 ELCE11
28 INT-49119 A10089
29 INT-48280 HOND11
30 INT-48753 RODE13
31 INT-51143 WAYN11
32 INT-51123 WAYN21
33 INT-52032 WINR13
34 INT-52353 WAYN22
35 INT-52197 WINR13
36 INT-51753 A10083
37 INT-52738 PECO12
38 INT-52720 PECO12
39 INT-52709 PECO12
40 INT-52582 IRIS13
41 INT-52991 IRIS13
42 INT-52980 BLRA14
43 INT-52996 IRIS13
44 INT-52907 PALM14
45 INT-53019 LAMO11
46 INT-53068 LAMO11
47 INT-53037 IRIS14
48 INT-52153 WESM12
49 INT-52923 COLI11
50 INT-52942 ZAFA13
51 INT-50930 COLL12
52 INT-50327 A10089
53 INT-53103 BLRA14
54 INT-52730 MILU11
55 INT-52964 BLRA14
56 INT-52563 IRIS13
57 INT-53184 BUCK23
58 INT-53205 COTT23
59 INT-53210 A10012
60 INT-53233 PROG11
61 INT-52278 PRAG14
62 INT-53231 IRIS13
63 INT-53316 IRIS13
64 INT-53323 FOHI14
65 INT-52936 SL0010
66 INT-52545 RIHO13
67 INT-53280 LAMO11
68 INT-53334 COLI11
69 INT-53132 LSMO24
70 INT-53285 SNVI14
71 INT-53339 PECO12
72 INT-53331 FOHI13
73 INT-53321 LAMO11
74 INT-53048 BM0160
75 INT-53036 BLRA14
76 INT-53349 COLL11
77 INT-53203 PECO12
78 INT-52010 BUCK23
79 INT-53422 COLL11
80 INT-53370 PALM12
81 INT-53239 ENHI14
82 INT-53388 LAMO11
83 INT-53121 BLRA14
84 INT-53330 COTT11
85 INT-53165 THOM11
86 INT-53220 LAMO12
87 INT-53313 MARI14
88 INT-53462 IRIS13
89 INT-52944 RITA12
90 INT-53302 JUTA14
91 INT-53287 INNO13
92 INT-53451 BLRA14
93 INT-53078 IRIS14
94 INT-51994 ANDE11
95 INT-53148 ENHI14
96 INT-53326 SCEN13
97 INT-53389 SCEN14
98 INT-53434 ANDE12
99 INT-53212 JUTA12
100 INT-53423 LAMO11
101 INT-53355 COLI11
102 INT-53492 HAMI22
103 INT-52837 SNVI13
104 INT-52575 RIHO12
105 INT-53532 LAMO11
106 INT-53381 ENHI12
107 INT-53195 MILU12
108 INT-52098 MILU12
109 INT-52096 MILU12
110 INT-52094 MILU12
111 INT-52093 MILU12
112 INT-53431 PROG11
113 INT-53583 BLRA14
114 INT-53471 EAST11
115 INT-53444 COTT11
116 INT-53487 PRJE11
117 INT-52938 MILU12
118 INT-53474 A10003
119 INT-53463 SIGN22
120 INT-53527 PALM12
121 INT-53589 WYOM14
122 INT-53580 RODE13
123 INT-53633 RODE12
124 INT-53616 PAHI14
125 INT-53428 WAYN23
126 INT-53551 BOSQ11
127 INT-53319 GALL11
128 INT-53288 LENK11
129 INT-53643 ZAMO12
130 INT-53396 BLRA14
131 INT-53572 PROG12
132 INT-53450 WESM11
133 INT-53681 FOMA14
134 INT-53458 SNAN22
135 INT-53364 HERM11
136 INT-53668 SNAN22
137 INT-53480 GALL11
138 INT-53655 SNVI13
139 INT-53715 PALM12
140 INT-53656 FIST13
141 INT-53390 STJO12
142 INT-53465 NS1061
143 INT-53505 LSMO24
144 INT-53654 VOLC23