PNM Electrical Safety Tips and Information

Your safety and the safety of our PNM team members is important to us. This page contains tips and reliable information on electrical safety. We created it as a resource for homes, businesses and schools.

  • Electrical Safety

    Keep yourself and your family safe when using electricity with these tips.

    See the electrical safety tips
  • Outages

    Stay safe during a power outage. Plus, what to do if you come across a fallen power line.

    See outage safety tips
  • Energy and Copper Theft

    Energy and copper theft are against the law and put the community in danger. Learn why it happens, how to recognize it and what to do if it happens to your home or business. If you see energy or copper theft happening, report it to PNM immediately.

    See energy and copper theft tips
  • Tree Trimming

    Trees are integral to our quality of life. They can even save you money on your heating and cooling bills when properly placed. You can help by making sure new trees you plant won't interfere with any power lines or utilities on your property. Learn tips to stay safe when planting and trimming trees on this page.

    See tree trimming tips
  • Call Before You Dig

    If you are planning a project that involves digging, including planting a tree or shrubs, make sure you know where your utility lines are. It's easy. Just Call Before You Dig. Dial 811 statewide. It's smart, free and easy - and it's the law.

    Learn more about Call Before You Dig
  • Storm Safety

    Severe storms can occur any time of year. Be prepared for storms and know how to stay safe.

    See storm safety tips
  • Wildfire Safety

    Dry conditions in New Mexico can mean an increased risk for wildfires, so it's important to prepare for fire season. Learn valuable tips to stay safe.

    See wildfire safety tips
  • Kid Safety

    It's important to teach your children how to be safe around electricity. These tips can help you get started.

    See tips for teaching kids about electric safety
  • First Responder Safety

    PNM works closely with First Responders in the communities we serve. Often we find ourselves working side by side on locations during outages, storms, and other scenarios. This page offers tips and guidance for First Responders who are dealing with an electrical emergency.

    See tips for first responders
  • PNM Employee Safety

    Occasionally, PNM employees or authorized contractors need to come to your home to work on equipment or perform some other service. In some situations, work may need to be done late at night. View these tips to help keep yourself and PNM employees safe.

    See tips for employee safety
  • Hot Air Ballooning Safety

    Living in New Mexico means getting to see hot air balloons all year long. It also means you should know what to do if a hot air balloon comes into contact with a power line.

    See hot air balloon safety tips
  • Scams

    We have noticed an increase in phone scammers claiming to be PNM and threatening customers with disconnection or meter removal. Learn how to recognize scams and keep you and your family safe.

    See tips to recognize and report scams