New Homes

New Home Construction

Looking to buy or build? New Mexico High-Performance New Homes have energy efficiency built in, giving you savings from day one, and better comfort for a lifetime.

Working with PNM, participating High-Performance New Home builders build energy-efficient homes from the ground up. Using advanced construction practices, design details, and materials, these homes are professionally verified and proven to meet a higher standard of energy performance. Along with reducing your energy bill, these elements increase your comfort and your home's value.

Improvements include:

  • Better temperature control - Better insulation techniques and high-efficiency HVAC equipment work together to provide year-round, wall-to-wall comfort.
  • Healthier indoor spaces - Better air sealing keeps things quieter while keeping out dust, pollen, insects, allergens, and mold.
  • Retained value - These better construction techniques create a more durable home. Additionally, having a verified professional rating can boost future resale value.

Interested in more advanced technologies? PNM also works with builders to offer all-electric homes with smart technologies included.

Participating Builders 

If you are interested in participating, here is a list of qualified participating New Mexico High-Performance New Homes builders for you to reference and begin your journey to living a more energy-efficient lifestyle.



The PNM New Home Construction program is proud to have been awarded 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year!



Updated May 3rd, 2024.