PNM Commitment to the Environment

As a part of New Mexico for more than 100 years, PNM is committed to taking care of the people who live and work here and to the responsible use and protection of our natural resources. PNM is transitioning the electricity we provide you to 100% carbon-free energy sources. PNM was the first investor-owned utility in the United States to commit to produce zero carbon energy. Transforming our power resources is one of our four key initiatives to provide environmentally responsible power: 1. Transition traditional power resource to 100% carbon-free resources 2. Prepare our electric grid for growing renewable energy resource as cost-effectively as possible 3. Continue to develop and implement strategies that place the highest value on reliable and affordable power 4. Increase energy efficiency participation by our customers

Our Energy Sources

Our Energy Sources

With more than 1 million solar panels (and growing) installed across the state, PNM is the number-one provider of renewable energy to New Mexicans. Each year our wind, solar, and geothermal resources generate the power used by more than 174,000 average homes. 

To ensure safe, reliable and affordable service for our customers, we employ a diverse mix of resources in addition to renewables, including natural gas, nuclear power and coal. Because of our dedication to cleaner energy, we never stop working to make sure these resources are provided in the most environmentally friendly way possible. You can view in real-time the percentage of renewable energy we are using on our system. This is the amount of energy generated by resources such as sun, wind, and geothermal.

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Get Involved


Preserving our environment takes the dedication of everyone. That's why we have multiple ways for our customers to get involved.

  • Windmill

    PNM Sky Blue® Program

    The voluntary PNM Sky Blue® program makes it easy and affordable to support clean, renewable wind and solar energy without making the commitment of putting solar panels on your roof or wind turbines in your backyard.

    Learn more about PNM Sky Blue
  • Energy

    Energy Efficiency Rebates and Program

    Helping customers save money and energy is an important part of what we do. Since 2007, PNM energy efficiency programs have given customers more than $109 million back in rebates and saved almost 5.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power approximately 763,000 homes for a year. These programs have kept an estimated 3.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air and saved 1.7 billion gallons of water.

    Learn more about energy efficiency programs
  • Solar

    Customer Solar Program

    For nearly a decade, PNM has supported customer-owned solar generation, which has helped drive solar industry growth and consumer choice in New Mexico. The PNM Customer Solar Energy Program helps our customers save money and supports their commitment to renewable energy.

    Learn more about our customer solar program
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    Integrated Resource Planning

    You can get involved in the process of determining the future of power generation in New Mexico by getting involved in our Integrated Resource planning process. We invite you to attend meetings and get involved in New Mexico's energy future.

    Learn more about integrated resource planning