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Requests for Proposals

RFP for Renewable Electric Energy and accompanying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Public Service Company of New Mexico ("PNM" or the "Company") issues this Request for Proposals ("RFP") for Renewable Electric Energy and accompanying Renewable Energy Certificates ("RECs"). Acquisition of additional renewable energy and the accompanying RECs will enable PNM to comply with New Mexico's Renewable Portfolio Standard ("RPS") in 2020 and beyond. PNM is seeking to purchase renewable energy and the associated RECs from one or more qualified Respondents totaling approximately 145,000 MWhs per year (approximately the AC output of 50 MW with a 33% capacity factor).  PNM reserves the right to vary the amount purchased in approximately 10MW blocks. PNM seeks to acquire energy and associated RECs that will be generated and eligible to meet PNM's renewable energy requirements for 2020, from renewable energy sources, as defined below. PNM will consider offers for asset purchases, design-build-transfer ("turnkey") projects, or purchased power agreements ("PPA") projects.


All inquiries and other communications relating in any manner to this RFP will be hosted on the PNM March 2017 Renewable Energy RFP web site ("RFP Web Site"), administered by Power Advocate, Inc. To register for the RFP at the Power Advocate site, follow this link: https://www.poweradvocate.com/pR.do?okey=67579&pubEvent=true

Notice of Intent to Respond

Interested parties should submit via the PNM RFP Web Site a Notice of Intent to Respond on or before 4 p.m. MT Monday, March 13, 2017. The form can be downloaded at the RFP Bid Site.

Proposals Due

Complete Proposals, including all exhibits, forms, and fee, must be received on or before noon (MST) on Monday, April 3, 2017 via the RFP Bid Site.