PNM Environment Management System

Since 2003, The PNM Environmental Management System has made the company a leader in the utility industry for minimizing and mitigating environmental impacts of utility work.

When PNM employees head out to the field every day to work on keeping the electric system reliable, one of their top priorities is protecting New Mexico's environmental and cultural resources.  Two primary areas of focus have helped PNM become an industry leader.

PNM Work Screening Process

Before any kind of maintenance or construction field work, PNM employees must screen their work through the PNM Environmental Management System process, which screens for a range of issues. They include:

  • habitat and threatened and endangered species issues
  • water and riparian area sensitivities
  • cultural resources
  • hazards such as leaking underground storage tanks
  • federal, state and local jurisdictional triggers

If an environmental issue is identified, the PNM Environmental Services Dept. reviews the screening forms and works with operations staff on next steps to ensure the work is done with the proper environmental precautions, stipulations and potential permits for the work to proceed. This work has helped PNM establish a significant database of New Mexico's environmental and culturally sensitive areas, both using existing government resources as well as areas that PNM has specifically identified as sensitive areas.

PNM Employee Training

There is universal understanding that environmental stewardship is the job of every PNM employee.  Part of that responsibility is helping employees know how their daily jobs can impact the environment. Every operations employee is required to Emissattend an PNM Environmental Management System training class. Required training classes include topics such as

  • Used Oil Management
  • Spill Prevention and Response
  • Recycling
  • Waste Management
  • Protection of Aquatic, Biological and Cultural Resources

Training is required every other year. Numerous successes have resulted from increased employee awareness.   For example, employees stopped work when they recognized what they thought was a burial site, allowing PNM to immediately notify state authorities. 

The overall goal of the EMS is to ensure continuous improvement in PNM environmental performance as well as foster a company-wide environmental stewardship ethic.  The success of the PNM Environmental Management System has become the cornerstone for the demonstration of that stewardship.