Managing Our Solid Waste

A large part of PNM recycling success is due to the company's voluntary employee team, Team Green. Team Green members champion solid waste reduction and recycling opportunities at each PNM offices and facilities and help record metrics associated with efforts.

Since 2007, PNM Resources has recycled more than 28,650 tons of solid waste across its corporate operations. In 2012 alone, PNM recycled approximately 2,799 tons of material. We use the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WARM model to estimate Greenhouse Gas and British Thermal Unit usage reduction from recycling, source reduction and composting. Using the WARM model, 2012 recycling efforts were calculated to avoid 29,743 metric carbon equivalents and 249,892 million BTUs.

PNM received recognition from the New Mexico Recycling Coalition twice for its recycling efforts, once for its overall corporate recycling program as Business Recycler of the Year, and once for recycling efforts at its Ruidoso operations office.

PNM operations are active across New Mexico, and the complexity of the electricity industry presents many opportunities to recycle, including scrap metals, out-of-service power poles, reels and pallets, used oil, coolants, waste, lighting, old equipment, machinery, and regular office waste such as paper and plastics. In addition, San Juan Generating Station recycles significant amounts of fly ash, which is re-used in cement blocks and in road base.

In 2007, we developed a sophisticated database in which each PNM facility can enter all recyclables, donations, and re-use and waste. The PNM database uses algorithms to calculate front-load weight based on how full each front-load is and the type of waste — office or construction.