PNM Peak Saver

Receive a Quarterly Incentive for Using Energy More Efficiently

The PNM Peak Saver program helps large commercial electric customers reduce the amount of electricity they use during peak demand days, typically the hottest demand days of the year.

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Participants receive an annual incentive based on the amount of electricity managed during the program

Program Benefits

  • Reduces demand during peak usage days
  • Helps us keep electricity rates lower for longer by delaying the construction of new, expensive power plants
  • It's environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Who Can Participate?

  • PNM large business electric customers
    • Customers on rates 4B, 5B, 11B, 15B, 17B and 30B
    • Business with peak demands greater than 50kW on PNM rate 3B

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PNM Peak Saver is administered by Enbala Power Networks, an authorized third-party contractor.