PNM Trade Ally Network

The PNM Trade Ally Network is designed to support trade allies and create opportunities for businesses by participating in the PNM energy efficiency programs.

What is the PNM Trade Ally Network?

The PNM Trade Ally Network includes important information about residential and commercial energy efficiency programs and the authorized contractors who facilitate the program on behalf of PNM.  Every Trade Ally plays a significant role in educating commercial and residential customers about the energy efficiency program options and incentives that will save businesses and residential customers from costly energy bills. PNM Authorized Contractors must meet specific program requirements to participate in the network and they also receive ongoing program support while working closely with the PNM program administrators and design engineers.

The PNM Trade Ally Network is managed and facilitated by the PNM Energy Efficiency group.

Become a PNM Authorized Contractor

If you are interested in learning more about how to become an authorized contractor for a PNM residential or business energy efficiency program, please select the program you are interested in below to be redirected for more information.

Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

For information on commercial energy efficiency programs, visit the PNM Authorized Contractor page.

  • Multifamily - coming soon
  • Quick Saver
  • New Construction/Retrofit
  • Building Tune-up
  • Distributor Discount

Earn the PNM Trade Ally Seal

The PNM Trade Ally Seal represents an official endorsement as a PNM authorized contractor who facilitates the PNM energy efficiency programs and represents the PNM energy standards and commitment to providing energy efficiency solutions for our business and residential customers.  Recipients of the seal can co-brand with PNM and use the seal in program advertising and branded promotional materials.

Have a question?
If you have any questions about the PNM Trade Ally Network or how to earn the PNM Trade Ally Seal, please email us at