How to Transfer Service

If you currently have at least one active PNM account in your name and are planning to move to a location where PNM service is currently in someone else's name, this section will help you understand what you need to know to transfer your service.

How soon should I call?

Please call us at least 3 business days before you plan to take over service at a location served by PNM.

We sometimes can start service in a new customer's name by the next business day. But next-day availability can be limited, particularly around the end and beginning of each month.

Who should call?

The primary account holder or secondary person listed on the existing account can call to arrange moving the service under the primary account-holder's name.

Information to have before calling

  1. Your current / existing address or PNM account number
  2. The date you would like to have your account discontinued at the current / existing address
  3. The new address you are moving to
  4. The date you want started at the new address
  5. Whether you wish to participate in - or continue participation in - any customer programs; for example:
    • Budget Billing
    • PNM Good Neighbor Fund donations
    • automatic payments
    • paperless billing
    • PNM Sky Blue

Calling us to make arrangements

  • Call 888-342-5766
  • Our hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. MT

About deposits

  • Customers may be charged a deposit. The amount will typically be 1/6 of the total amount of electricity used in the last 12 months at the location you are moving to.
  • All outstanding past-due balances must be paid before adding a new account.

Additional important information

  • A connection fee will be added to your first bill:
    • $7.00 if electricity is on
    • $11.00 if electricity is off
  • We must be able to access and read the meter on the first attempt, before we can transfer service into your name.
  • Please do not schedule the move-out for a day that you still may need electricity. Service may be disconnected at any time on the requested move-out day.
  • We are unable to make arrangements for moves via e-mail.