Electricity Rates and Riders

Rates - All PNM Customers





1A Residential Service X  
1B Residential Service Time-of-Use X  
2A Small Power Service   X
2B Small Power Service Time-of-Use   X
3B General Power Service Time-of-Use   X
3C General Power Service (Low Load Factor) Time-of-Use   X
3D Pilot Municipalities and Counties General Power Service - Time-of-Use   X
3E Pilot Municipalities and Counties General Power Service (Low Load Factor) - Time-of-Use   X
3F Non-Residential Charging Station-Pilot   X
4B Large Power Service Time-of-Use   X
5B Large Service for Customers >= 8,000 kW min. at 115 kV, 69 kV or 34.5 kV   X
6 Private Area Lighting Service X X
10A Irrigation Service   X
10B Irrigation Service Time-of-Use   X
11B Water and Sewage Pumping Service Time-of-Use   X
12 Cogeneration and Small Power Production X X
15B Large Service for Public Universities > 8,000 kW min. at 115 kV   X
16 Special Charges X X
20 Integrated System Streetlighting and Floodlighting Service - New Installation   X
20 Appendix A to 16th Revised Rate No. 20: Company-Owned LED Streetlighting Current Fixtures as of Jun 30, 2021   X
20 Appendix B to 17th Revised Rate No. 20: Company-Owned LED Streetlighting Current Fixtures as of Jul 11, 2022   X
22 Underground system Special services X X
24 Small Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Certificate X X
30B Large Service for Manufacturing >=  30,000 kw minimum at distribution voltage   X
31 Large Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Certificate X X
32 Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase Programs X X
33B Large Service for Station Power (Time-of-Use)   X
35B Large Power Service >=3,000KW (Time-of-Use)   X
36B Special Service Rate - Renewable Energy Resources   X


Rates - Public Service Company of New Mexico - TNMP Service Customer





9 Industrial Power Service   X
11 Economy Service Industrial Power   X







8   X
16 Energy Efficiency X X
23 Fuel and Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Clause ("FPPCAC") - Applicable to Retail Energy Rate schedules X X
24 Net Metering Service X X
30 Voluntary Renewable Energy Program X  
36 Renewable Energy X X
45 Economic Development Rider - Applicable to Rates 4B, 5B, 30B and 35B   X
47 Green Energy Rider   X
49 Production Cost Allocation Rider   X
50 Solar Direct for Govt. and Large Commercial Customers   X
51 Energy Transition Charges X X
53 Transportation Electrification Program X X
55 San Juan ETA Settlement Credit and Excess Interest Rate Credit X X
58 2022 City of Rio Rancho UG Project X X
59 Palo Verde Regulatory Credit X X


PNM Transmission

Transmission rates cover the cost of moving energy on PNM's transmission system. PNM rates are updated annually and go into effect on June 1 of each year.

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Annual Transmission Revenue Requirement

The annual transmission revenue requirement, or ATRR, is the estimated amount of revenue PNM must recover annually to cover costs associated with its transmission system. PNM's protocols and schedules associated with the ATRR are contained in Attachment H-2 of PNM's Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT).

Annual Updates

2024 Annual Update

A "fully functioning" excel file of the annual update formula rate runs 1 and 2 are provided above in a read-only format. Customers wishing to modify the input values can save a document onto their computer before continuing.

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Information Requests

PNM posts Information Requests and Responses on PNM's OASIS site: https://www.oasis.oati.com/PNM/

Annual Informational Filings

The Annual Update will be for "informational purposes" to provide notice to FERC, including any corrections or adjustments made during the period. PNM will submit the filing by February 1.


2023 Informational Filing Docket No. ER24-1180-000

2022 Informational Filing Docket No. ER22-2041-000

2022 Informational Filing Docket No. ER22-2041-000 filed February 1, 2023

2025 Rate Request filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission