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Paperless Bill Email Example

By choosing to receive a paperless bill you are helping save paper, gas, time, reducing your carbon footprint, and preserving the beautiful New Mexico environment, so, thank you!

Sign Up for Paperless Bill

How it works

When you sign up for Paperless Bill, PNM will send your bill in an email (see example to the right). A PDF containing the details of your energy usage will be attached to the email.

The email is designed to provide you with the most important information at the very top, making it easy for you to quickly know how much your bill is, when it is due, and quickly pay it.

"...but I need a reminder!"

One of most frequent responses we receive when we ask our customers why they have not signed up to receive a Paperless Bill is, "I use my paper bill to remind me to pay my bill."

We learned that sixty percent of the people who use their paper bill simply as a reminder to pay their bill, actually pay their bill online

If you use your paper bill as a reminder to pay your bill and you pay your bill online, you can receive a reminder in three other ways and help save paper, gas, time, reduce your carbon footprint, and preserve the beautiful New Mexico environment. 

Let us remind you

We offer free payment reminders that you can sign up for. Each month, two business days before your bill is due, we can remind you to pay your bill, we can send you an email to remind you, we can send you a text message or we can call you. Help us save postage, gasoline, time, and of course all that paper, please consider signing up to receive a Paperless Bill.

How to sign up

Signing up to receive a Paperless Bill is easy. Login to your account and from your Account Summary page scroll to the Paperless Bill section and select, Sign Up.

Signing up to recieve payment is just as easy. Login to your account and from your Account Summary page scroll to the Payment Reminders section and select, Sign Up. You will be taken to a page when you can choose to receive your reminder by email, phone, or text message.

Sign Up for Paperless Bill

Automate your payment

You can sign up to receive a Paperless Bill and have your bill paid automatically for you if you sign up for Automatic Payment. PNM will securely withdraw your monthly payment from your checking or savings account on the day it is due. Automatic Payment is a free service and all you need to do is provide your bank routing number and savings or checking account number on our secure payment platform.

Automate Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my account affected by enrolling in paperless bill?

By enrolling in Paperless Bill, you will no longer receive a paper bill. That is the only real difference for your account.

I am on paperless bill, how do I view my entire bill?

Each month, you will receive an email from PNM with your bill. The body of the email will have the due date, your PNM account number and the total amount due. Click on the attached PDF for a digital version of the bill previously received in the mail every month.

If I sign up, can I change my mind and go back to a paper bill?

Yes. We understand that people need a paper bill for many reasons and should you decide that you need to starting receiving one again, you can simply cancel Paperless Bill and begin receiving a paper bill once again.

How do I change my email address?

Log in to your account, and click on View/Edit profile. From here you can change your primary and secondary email addresses. Your primary email address is where your paperless bill will be sent. Your primary email address is also the email address you will use to log in to your online account.

I changed my email address, why am I still getting my bill at the old address?

When you enroll in paperless bill, it will be sent to your primary email address. If you change your secondary email address, this will not affect your paperless bill delivery.

Do I have to log in to get my balance?

No. Each month, you will receive an email with your PNM bill as a PDF attachment. The body of the email will have the due date, your PNM account number and the total amount due. There will also be a link to make it easy to make your payment.

If I move, do I have to re-enroll?

No. You will not have to re-enroll if you move.

I haven't been receiving my paperless bill and my email address has not changed?

Sometimes certain spam filters block our emails. Check your settings and make sure that the email address EBPP.OUTBOUND@pnmresources.com is not blocked by your filters.

Can you change my email address for me?

No. For privacy reasons, we ask that customers change their own email addresses.