PNM Summary Billing

Summary billing is a program PNM offers to customers with multiple accounts. The main benefit of participating in summary billing is simplicity: customers receive a page with a "summary" of all accounts, or Master Summary statement.

Summary Billing Facts

In order to qualify:

  • You must have a minimum of five accounts.
  • All accounts must be current (no past due amounts).
  • Accounts on Summary Billing cannot participate in PV, Landlord Standby or Budget Billing.

To sign up for Summary Billing, call (888) DIAL-PNM (1-888-342-5766).

Meter Reading

All accounts are read on cycle. In order for PNM to read all of its customers meters, New Mexico is broken up into areas, or cycles (there are 21 cycles throughout the state).

A different cycle is read every day. Some customers on Summary Billing may have accounts in different cycles.

You will not receive a bill until all accounts have been read.


The total amount due on the Master Summary Statement must be paid in full each month.

If a Summary Bill is not paid in full, some of the subordinate accounts will show as unpaid. This will reflect a 'Past Due' amount on your overall account. It would be necessary to contact PNM to resolve the issue.

Bank draft is a convenient option for customers on Summary Billing. This alleviates the need to process a payment each month.

To sign up for bank draft, click here and log in to your PNM account. if you do not have an account, simply follow the steps to create one.