Submit a Meter Reading

You may want to read your own meter if you have dogs, shrubs and other issues that prevent access for our meter readers.  We will still read your meter every month if we can gain access. We must read your meter at least once a year to ensure accuracy. You will be contacted to make arrangements for the annual meter reading.

Some customers read their own meters and call in their readings to PNM at 1-888-DIAL-PNM (888-342-5766). Now meter readings can be submitted online as well.

Submit your meter readings online

Log in to your PNM online account. If you do not yet have an account, it takes just a few minutes to set one up, and you have access to other programs as well as personalize your PNM account information.

Submit your reading(s) two calendar days before your meter read date each month. Identify your monthly meter read date

Calling in your meter readings

Call 1-888-DIAL-PNM (888-342-5766) each month the day before your meter read date.

  • At the "Main Menu," say "Balance and Payments" or press 3 when prompted.
  • Log on to your account by providing your account number or other information requested.
  • The automated system will give you your current account status, followed by options for more information.
  • Select the meter reading option then follow the instructions to submit your meter reading.

If you have more than one meter, you will have to call back for each additional meter.

Contact us to let us know you would like to read your meter and submit readings. Then identify your monthly meter read date

How to Read Your Own Meter

FAQs: Meter Reading

  • Why was my bill estimated?
    • In some cases, your energy use may be estimated because our meter reader was unable to read your meter. To help us read your meter each month, more...
  • Can I change my read date?
    • We are unable to change reading dates because they are based on when we will be in different neighborhoods. more...
  • How do I submit my meter reading online?

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