PNM Request for Proposals

PNM asking developers to submit proposals for new power resources for 2026 and beyond

PNM released a formal Request for Proposal asking third-party developers from across the country to submit projects to help PNM serve its customers with reliable, low-cost and sustainable electricity. This comes as PNM surpasses the 50-percent mark in its goal to serve its customers with 100-percent emissions-free electricity. 

Of specific interest to PNM, new generation or storage resources located on Navajo Nation lands will have a separate best-in-class bid evaluation and short-list selection. 

"Our commitment is to provide our customers with 24-7 sustainable and affordable power. This request for proposals share these key commitments while also opening the door to new technologies and opportunities to expand renewable resources within the Navajo Nation," Nick Phillips, the director for PNM integrated resource planning.

"We are very thankful that PNM continues to work together with the Navajo Nation to prioritize renewable energy initiatives. With this current RFP, we are hopeful that we will see even more progress with another renewable energy project completed within the Navajo Nation in the near future. Thank you to PNM for supporting the Navajo people," said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez.

The request for proposals is open to all sources and technologies, including demand response, wind, solar, and battery storage, with potential of hundreds of megawatts of new capacity each year over that time frame.  

As PNM experienced multiple solar and energy storage resource delays this year, causing the potential resource shortages, PNM is requiring developers to provide firm proof that the resources they propose can be operational when necessary to serve PNM customers. Proposals must maximize the use of New Mexico workforce including small, minority and woman-owned New Mexico businesses, employ apprentices for the construction of the facilities, and advance PNM's emissions-free future. Developers have 60 days to submit proposals for resources installed by 2026 and 90 days for 2027-2028.

Registration and Responses Submittals
This Request for Proposal (RFP) will be managed through a PNM Supply Chain Sourcing site hosted by SciQuest, an affiliated entity of Jaggaer®. The Instructions to Respondents document for the RFP are provided as non-confidential documents on the PNM websites identified below: 

In order to preserve transparency in the process and facilitate equal consideration to all respondents, Respondents must not contact any PNM employees or agents of the company in regard to this RFP. All communications are to be conducted through PNM Supply Chain Sourcing site.

A schedule for the RFP events has been posted within the RFP instructions. Important deadlines include:

  • 2026 Proposals due by January 5, 2023
  • 2027 and 2028 Proposals due by February 1, 2023