Energy Efficiency Rebate & Discount Programs for Income Qualified Customers

Helping our customers save money by becoming more energy efficient is an important part of what we do every day. That's why we want to make sure you know about all the PNM energy conservation programs that are available to you if you are experiencing financially challenging times. There are always ways to save energy and, by doing so, it helps put money back in your wallet instead of paying higher electric bills. Make sure your home is running as efficiently as possible so you can focus on more important things. Our PNM Energy Efficiency programs give you a variety of rebates and instant discounts for several products and appliances. You may even qualify for free products and appliances.

PNM Easy Savings Kit

Receive free energy-saving products for your home through the PNM Easy Savings Kit program. Get started by following a few quick and easy steps to qualify. You can choose from a variety of LED light bulbs or advanced power strips for your home. In order to receive your box of free products, you must meet certain income eligibility requirements.

Details on how to sign up coming Spring 2024.

Home Energy Checkup Box

PNM Home Energy Checkup 

With a free PNM Home Energy Checkup, an Energy Specialist will meet with you virtually or in your home to provide you with a custom home energy report. They will give you energy-saving products and will let you know what other rebates you may qualify for to save even more energy and money. You¿ll also learn ways to become more energy efficient, so you will see the savings on your energy bill. The PNM Home Energy Checkup includes the installation of these energy-saving items and is free to income-qualified customers. You may also qualify for free refrigerator replacement after completing the assessment and a free installation of a smart thermostat if you have an HVAC system.

Call 855-775-6491 or go online to schedule your appointment

Home Weatherization Assistance

Get help lowering your bill through the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA). They provide income-qualified customers with free installation of energy-saving products for your home which will help you lower your energy bill.

Visit the Home Weatherization Assistance page to apply.

Other savings & discount programs

PNM Power Saver

If you have refrigerated air conditioning or a heat pump, you can help conserve energy through the PNM Power Saver program. You will get a $25 check as a sign-up bonus and another $25 check for each season you participate in the program. Choose a free Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, an outdoor switch connected to your refrigerated air conditioning unit, or activate your own Wi-Fi thermostat. During select summer weekday afternoons when demand soars, we will remotely cycle your unit to reduce energy demand. Learn more about what types of thermostats are eligible. 

Call 1-866-471-7906 or go here for more information and to sign up.

PNM Instant Discounts

When you buy select ENERGY STAR® qualified energy-efficient products at participating retailers, PNM gives you instant discounts at the register. There are several products that you use around your home that qualify for the instant in-store discount. Just go to any participating retailer and look for the PNM logo on select energy-saving products to receive the instant savings discount at the register.

Go here for product information.

Appliance Online & Mail-In Rebates

If you need to buy a new washer & dryer, refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher there are a couple of ways for you to get a rebate on ENERGY STAR® certified, energy-efficient appliances. We offer several instant rebates, and online and mail-in rebates for you to take advantage of. Check with us first to see which appliances qualify for great rebates

Download the Energy Efficiency Program brochure

Energy efficiency program appointments and rebates are on a first-come, first-served, basis and are for a limited time only. If a program reaches its maximum capacity for the year, it will be discontinued until the next calendar year.

Income Qualifications

Your total household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to qualify for the Good Neighbor Fund. Guidelines presented below:

Total Household Income
Total Household Members/ Tamaño del Grupo Familiar Total Household Monthly Income/ Total Mensual del Ingreso Familiar Total Household Annual Income/ Total anual del Ingreso Familiar
1 $1,823 $21,870
2 $2,465 $29,580
3 $3,108 $37,290
4 $3,750 $45,000
5 $4,392 $52,710
6 $5,035 $60,420
7 $5,678 $68,130
8 $6,320 $75,840
For each person more than 8, add: $642 $7,710
If no income, food stamps/SNAP may be accepted as proof of income

Other Offerings

Time Of Day Rate

Time of Day pricing from PNM gives you the power to save on your electric bill. Anyone can join. When you do, PNM will install a free cellular meter that lets you track your electricity use so you can shift your peak energy use to off-peak hours, helping you lower your bill.

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Need More Help?

At PNM we have other ways to help you if you are facing financial difficulties. These programs are available to you.

Good Neighbor Fund

PNM income-qualified customers who are facing a financial emergency can receive a grant to help pay part or all of a past-due PNM bill. Our Good Neighbor Fund, funded through the generosity of our employees, shareholders, and customers, was established to help those in need.

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Get help paying your past-due PNM bill

If you are facing a past-due balance on your PNM bill, PNM can help you with ways to get current on your bill. The application process is easy. Just apply online by selecting the type of application you are submitting, answer a few questions, and we will do the rest.

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