Save Money & Energy for Your Business

Helping business customers save money by becoming more energy-wise is an important part of what we do. Since 2007, PNM energy efficiency programs have given customers almost $100 million back in rebates and saved almost 44.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power approximately 660,000 homes for a year. These programs have kept an estimated 2.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air and saved 1.5 billion gallons of water. We can help you save money and energy with a variety of rebates, discounts and energy-saving tips. Here is our Business Energy Efficiency Programs Brochure to take with you to learn all about the ways you can save energy for your businessWe also  have rebates and incentives for your home

*Above figures are using estimated 2019 values.

PNM Quick SaverTM Program for Small Business Customers

PNM makes it easy for our small business customers to save energy and lower their bills with lighting and refrigeration retrofit upgrades. Get an energy assessment and find out how you can participate in the  PNM Quick SaverTM Program to take advantage of these savings.

Retrofit Rebates

If you are looking to make improvements to your existing facility, the PNM Retrofit Rebates program may be just right for you. PNM business customers can earn a rebate for installing energy saving equipment in an existing building that will improve your facility's ability to save energy and help reduce your energy bill.

PNM Building Tune-Up

Tune-ups are a great way to make sure things are operating as optimally as possible and to ensure they last longer. The PNM Building Tune-Up program offers rebates for commercial customers to optimize building performance and improve system efficiency of small, medium and large commercial buildings. Take advantage of the savings when you optimize your building's performance.

PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

If you own or manage a multifamily property, you can take advantage of great saving incentives for installing energy efficiency upgrades in-unit and to common areas. Find out how you can start saving by participating in the PNM Multifamily Program.

New Construction Rebates for Commercial Buildings

If you are building a new facility, we offer new construction rebates for building a more energy efficient facility. You save energy and money with the new construction rebates.

New Home Construction Rebates for Residential Homes

If you're a home builder, you can earn rebates for building energy efficient homes that include efficient HVAC, lighting, water heaters, refrigerators, and smart thermostats.  Find out how you can participate in the New Home Construction program.

Refrigerator Recycling Rebate

Recycle those old refrigerators or freezers and get paid. PNM offers a Refrigerator Recycling Program for business customers who are managing offices, office complexes, multi-family residences, or other business operations where an old refrigerator or freezer is contributing to high energy use. We haul it away for free and you save energy and get paid to participate in the program.


Distributor Instant Rebates

PNM Distributor Discount Program

Contractors can get instant point-of-sale discounts at the register on a wide range of qualified high-efficiency HVAC and food service equipment at participating equipment distributors. 


Demand Response Programs

Receive an incentive for reducing your business energy use on peak electricity demand days in the summer months.


PNM Power Saver® for Small Business

Small business customers can receive an incentive payment when they help us deuce reduce electricity use when demand is at its highest during the summer. If your business has refrigerated air conditioning units and heat pumps, you can reduce energy usage at critical times during the summer season.  Find out how you can participate in the PNM Power Saver program.

PNM Peak Saver┬« for Commercial & Industrial Business 

Large commercial and industrial business customers can earn incentives by reducing their use on peak summer days. This is a voluntary program that can help large businesses save energy and money.


Energy efficiency program appointments and rebates are on a first come, first served, basis and are for a limited time only. Once the program reaches its maximum capacity this year, the program will resume the next calendar year. Funding for electric rebates for business customers comes from the Electric Energy Efficiency line item on your commercial PNM energy bill.

Updated  July 28, 2020