Donate to the PNM Good Neighbor Fund

Good Neighbor FundHelp those in our community by donating to the PNM Good Neighbor Fund program. With a donation contribution of your choice, you can make a difference in someone's household.

Funds go to low-income individuals, seniors, families, and other vulnerable customers struggling to pay their PNM electric bill. Your contribution is tax-deductible, and PNM matches every dollar in customer contributions annually.

Ready to Donate?

Below are the ways you can donate.

Your Online Payment

You can donate as you are paying your monthly PNM bill by adding a donation amount to the PNM Good Neighbor Fund Donation field.

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Paper Bill Donation

If you receive a paper PNM bill, you can add a donation when you mail your monthly payment. Simply complete the PNM Good Neighbor Fund section on your bill and write the donation amount of your choice.

Sign Up for Recurring "Round-Up" Donations

Your bill will automatically be rounded up to the next dollar each month.
For example: a $53.53 bill will be rounded up to $54.00. PNM shareholders will match your $0.47 donation.

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Monthly Automatic Paperless Donation (Online)

Our Paperless/Online billing customers can easily donate by logging into your account. Once logged in, from your Account Summary page, hover over the Programs & Options gray submenu and select PNM Good Neighbor Fund. Then click the Sign Up button.

Mail, Check, or Money Order

You can make any donation by mail with a check or money order. You can also print a PNM Good Neighbor Fund donation form, fill it out with your bank account information and send it via the U.S. mail. Below is PNM's mailing address:
P.O. Box 27900
Albuquerque, NM 87125-7900 

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Thank you for making a difference!
Since 2020, more than $2.5 million in PNM Good Neighbor Fund donations have helped more than 10,000 families keep their electricity turned on.

FAQs: Good Neighbor Fund

  • What is the Good Neighbor Fund?
    • The Good Neighbor Fund helps income-eligible customers who are experiencing extreme financial hardship pay part or all of a past-due electric bill.
  • What are the qualifications?
    • The applicant must be facing a financial hardship due to an emergency situation or unforeseen drop in income that has occurred within the last six months and be income eligible. Learn more.

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