What PNM Does During an Outage

Pre-Storm Preparation

PNM maintains an emergency operations plan and regularly performs mock drills and updates the plan as needed.

Post-Storm Damage Assessments

After a storm, PNM will inspect the lines to determine transmission and distribution damages.

Manpower and Material Estimates for Restoration

Depending on damage assessments, PNM will estimate the number of crews, poles, transformers, wires, etc., that will be needed.

Repair High Voltage Lines and Other Essential Facilities

Once we can assure the safety of the public and our employees, we will repair transmission towers and power lines that carry electricity from generating stations. This typically involves damage to transmission lines and substations that can serve thousands of customers. These facilities must be restored first for electricity to flow to other parts of the service system.

Working Priority Restoration

Water, sewer, fire / police departments, hospitals and designated important community hubs will be prioritized for power restoration.

Greatest Customer Count

PNM knows which circuits supply the most customers. Those circuits are the first to receive attention when we begin power restoration.

Yard-to-Yard Restoration of the Hard-to-Repair

Repairs must be made before a structure can be energized, sometimes by an electrician, which may require a city inspection.