Energy Storage

Prosperity Energy Storage Project

The nation's first energy storage facility fully integrated into a utility power grid.

The PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project helps to address the challenge of renewable energy reliability. The goal of the Prosperity Project is to develop a way to manage solar energy and other renewable resources so they can be accessed and used when they are most needed.

The project features one of the largest at its time combinations of battery storage and photovoltaic energy in the nation.

More information on energy storage

Casa Mesa Battery Energy Storage System is a 1MWh project, co-located at the Casa Mesa Wind Farm, 6 miles to the west of the town of House, New Mexico. The project was constructed during 2018, being successfully commissioned in November 2018. COD was Nov 12. The Casa Mesa system will be charged by Casa Mesa Wind Turbine Generator

Future Energy Resources: Resource Planning

PNM plans to add the following resources in the near future:




Generation Capacity

Planned addition date


*Jicarilla Storage

Jicarilla Nation

20 MW

Nov 2021


*Sandia Storage


40 MW

March 2022


*Zamora Storage


30 MW

May 2022


*Arroyo Storage


40 MW

June 2022

*Requested as part of San Juan replacement docket and subject to NMPRC approval.