Fleet Vehicles

More and more businesses and local governments are shifting their fleets to electric vehicles for the cost savings and environmental benefits. Considering converting your fleet to Electric Vehicles (EV)? Get the facts here.

Six reasons to add electric vehicles to your fleet 

  1. Reduces your operating costs for fuel and maintenance
  2. Reduces carbon emissions
  3. Your fleet will last longer because vehicles are mechanically simpler and that saves you even more
  4. Improves workers safety and creates quieter work sites for both employees and customers
  5. Enhances public perception; visible presence of your environmental commitment
  6. Some EVs provide exportable power, offering new solutions to emergency response teams and can be used as backup power in remote locations, major storms and more

Get more information from The Department of Energy in this Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers.

What PNM has done with our fleet

As the largest energy provider in New Mexico, PNM is proud to be a leader in renewable energy and other environmentally-friendly programs such as electric vehicles (EVs).

We have been actively adding EVs to our fleet. In 2015, PNM added six plug-in hybrid (PHEV) pickups, three electric forklifts, and 10 bucket trucks that include plug-in electric technology (the boom on the bucket trucks are electric). These vehicles joined our existing EV fleet of 12 PHEV sedans.

In 2015 we avoided using 7,170 gallons of gasoline due to our electric fleet conversion. On average, our PHEV sedans are getting 71 mpg, compared to 23 mpg with our traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. The pickups are getting 28 mpg on average compared to 12 mpg for our non-electric pickups. In 2015 our fleet vehicles drove 152,640 electric miles, a number we are very proud of. 

We are committed to growing our electric fleet by a minimum of 5% annually and have been reporting on the growth of our electric fleet. See our environmental highlights here.