Environmental Protection

PNM Environment Management System

PNM-owned and operated power plants have Environmental Management Systems which are certified to the ISO 14001 International Standard for EMS. Audits are conducted at least annually by external "registrar" auditors. Our transmission distribution system also employs an environment management system that is consistent with ISO 14001.

Emissions and Water Usage

PNM business success is linked to the economic success and social well-being of the communities we serve, as well as a healthy natural environment. The company, its employees and its customers value environmental stewardship.

Protecting Wildlife

When a large bird comes in contact with two energized power lines or an energized line and a grounded piece of equipment, it means electrocution. As part of our environmental commitment, PNM has had a voluntary avian protection program since 2006.


The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce named PNM the Top Large Business Recycler of 2012. It is the result of years of work to reduce our solid waste, and we continue to expand our efforts.