News Release

Oct. 21, 2019
New Mexico leads America's job growth in the energy sector

PNM supports energy efficiency as it moves the state forward together

Albuquerque: A new report says 26 percent of all jobs in the energy sector are related to improving energy efficiency and New Mexico ranks at the top of that industry job growth. PNM, the state's largest energy provider, supports energy efficiency saying it improves the quality of life, creates jobs, grows the economy, and saves New Mexicans money on their energy bills.

"By being a national leader in clean energy, we can attract more businesses to locate here, leading to greater economic opportunities and prosperity for all New Mexicans," said Pat Vincent-Collawn, PNM Resources president and CEO. "Investment in energy efficiency promotes a healthier and more robust economy that supports higher levels of employment."

Nationally, there are more than 2.3 million Americans that work in energy efficiency. More than 5,600 jobs in New Mexico are in energy efficiency, with 12 percent being veterans, according to the New Mexico report.  Additionally, there are 951 energy efficiency businesses in the state.

Energy efficiency jobs include delivery of goods and services that lower energy use by improving technologies, appliances, buildings, and energy systems. The report says energy efficiency's consistently strong year-over-year job growth is turning the industry into the energy sector's most viable and efficient job creator. Across every time zone, state, county line, and even zip code, energy efficiency solutions are advancing economic opportunities for American workers and their families. Jobs that will grow locally, jobs that become careers, and jobs that cannot be outsourced.

"At first, the concept of energy efficiency may seem like it would have a negative impact on employment since, by definition, the meaning of energy efficiency means to produce less energy to accomplish the same amount of work," said Elisabeth Eden, PNM vice president of human resources. "However, recognizing the redistribution of saved resources means the entire energy workforce is woven throughout New Mexico's economy."

The report explains that energy efficiency workers work in factories, offices, design studios, and data centers. Energy efficiency workers do much more than reduce energy use. They improve operations of existing buildings, and they design and build a better future. Consumers, municipalities, and business owners incorporate lower energy consumption options into everyday procurement decisions; in homes, offices, schools, and municipal infrastructure. Squeezing out waste drives job creation.

Energy efficiency workers, according to the report, do a variety of things such as manufacture and install high efficiency systems, controls, windows, and insulation in existing and new homes, commercial & industrial buildings; design and construct high performance buildings such as those earning LEED certification; upgrade and repair heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) and water heating equipment; manufacture and install ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, lighting, ceiling fans, commercial cooking equipment, refrigerators and boilers; save money for businesses, homeowners, schools, states, counties, municipalities, U.S. armed forces, and more.

In New Mexico, the legislature established new energy efficiency savings requirements for utilities and increased the cap on energy efficiency budgets. Now, energy efficiency is the largest class of jobs in the energy sector in the Southwest.





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