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2025 Renewable Energy Act Plan and Rider Update

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2024 Renewable Energy Act Plan and Rider Update 

Direct Testimonies 

PNM Application for Approval of PPAs, ESAs and CCNs for System Resources in 2026 - Case No. 23-00353-UT

NMPC Case No. 24-00238-UT - PNM Application for Continuation of a Plan to Manage Fuel and Purchased Power Costs by Entering into Certain Forward Market Transactions

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12 MW BESS Project - Case No. 23-00162-UT

Report on Federal Funding Opportunities

PRC Case No. 24-00042-UT: PNM 2024 Finance Application

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PRC Case No. 23-00251-UT: Application for approval of resources for Meta

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PRC Case No. 23-00195-UT: Transportation Electrification Program

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PRC Case No. 23-00071-UT: New Mexico Community Solar Program

2024 Rate Change

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Integrated Resource Planning (IRP)

The integrated resource plan identifies the most cost-effective resource portfolio to meet customer energy needs and includes a four-year action plan with a look out at the next 20 years.

2023 Integrated Resource Plan

PNM is always planning for the future and every three years, with the help of our customers and local advocates and stakeholders, PNM files an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) that includes a four-year action plan and a look at energy needs over the next 20 years.

We are actively looking to collaborate with our customers and industry experts to help us develop an energy resource plan that spans the next two decades. This is a great opportunity for PNM and the community to join together as we define our clean energy future.

Learn more about our 2023 Integrated Resource Plan

Joint application for Approval of the Merger of NM Green Holdings, Inc. with PNM Resources, Inc. and Approval of a General Diversification Plan - NMPRC Case No. 21-00222-UT


Emergency Rule Prohibiting the Discontinuation of Residential Customer Utilities  PDF Document


NMPRC Case No. 20-00182-UT - Customer Notice - PNM Application for Approval of Renewable Agreements and Energy Storage Agreements Pursuant to Final Order PDF Document


NMPRC Case No. 21-00158-UT - Notice of Proceeding and Hearing - PNM Sky Blue Voluntary Renewable Energy Program PDF Document


NMPRC Case No. 21-00031-UT - Customer Notice - PNM Application for Approval of Purchased Power Agreements and Energy Storage Agreements for Greater Kudu LLC Data Center Expansion


NMPRC Case No. 20-00211-UT & 20-00212-UT - Petitions for Declaratory Order Regarding Efficient Use of Energy Act PDF Document


Electric Energy Efficiency Program


2024 Energy Efficiency Program Plan

2023 Energy Efficiency Program Reports

2022 Energy Efficiency Program Reports

2021 Energy Efficiency Program Plan

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