New Service Delivery Contact Information
Customer Interconnection:
Customer Interconnection is responsible for the initial screening and site visit for Residential and Commercial applications and collection of required documents for service and capacity evaluation. It is also responsible for Permit Review, Schedule Access to PNM equipment request, Scheduling upgrades & meter energizations.
Design Engineering:
Design Engineering provides completed residential and small commercial service designs for the over 3000 annual new services across the state of New Mexico. Using the demand information submitted by the customer and the site assessment provided by the First Team (CIG), they apply their technical expertise, as well as PNM and National Electric Safety standards, to create a design that utilizes minimal system, thus limiting the costs to the customer.
Work Management:
Work Management is responsible for project management, customer communication, primary/secondary construction coordination and scheduling, permit processing, customer equipment inspections, service line installation coordination, service order creation and scheduling, and meter energization.
Andrea Sanchez
Associate Director
Customer Interconnection
(505) 241-3666
Jerrold Ortega
Distribution Engineering Commercial
(505) 241-3654
Jared Roybal
Supervisor, Project Manager
(505) 241-3342
Victoria Rodriguez
Mgr, 1
Mgr,Team 1 - NSD
(505) 241-3430
Mitchell McClellan
Manager Distribution Engineering Residential
Stella Murdoch
Greater Metro, residential, commercial, subdivision
Rosario Lopez
Supervisor, Service Coordinator
(505) 241-7744
Terry Randall
Principal Engineer
(505) 241-3422
Kelly Gragg
Northern, residential, commercial, subdivision
(505) 241-3490
Lawrence Gurule
Engineering Tech I, Metro
505 241-3672
Eric Winkler
Engineer, Santa Fe
(505) 473-3221
Robert Fullbright
Greater Metro, commercial
Bryanna Saenz
Engineering Tech I, Metro
(505) 241-0557
Garrick Martin
Engineer, Alamogordo
(575) 443-6631
Celestina F. Blair
Greater Metro, residential
Evander Montano
Engineering Tech I, Metro
( 505) 241-3307
Riker Graham
Engineer, Alamogordo
(575) 443-6620
Monica Martinez
Northern, residential, commercial, subdivision
Antoinette Sanchez
Engineering Tech II, Santa Fe
(505) 241-0521
Paul Kimmick
Sr. Engineering Tech, Silver City
(575) 956-1464
Deborah Young
Project Manager, Silver City
John Colmenero
Engineering Tech I, Alamogordo/Ruidoso
(575) 443-6615
Arthur Chavez
Project Leader, Utility Const/Maint SR, Metro
(505) 241-4038
Theresa Snyder
Project Manager, Alamogordo
Joseph Parra
Engineering Tech I, Silver City/Deming
(575) 956-1493
Mario Aguilera
Engineer, Metro
(505) 241-4076
Jeanette Lopez
(505) 241-3335
Paul Lara
Field Coordinator, Metro
(505) 241-3443
Kyla Charlee
Engineer, Metro
(505) 241-3652
Savannah Fink
(505) 241-3478
Jesus Villar
Field Coordinator, Santa Fe
Nancy Dow
Sr. Engineering Tech, Metro
(505) 241-4572
Malik Meadors
Inspector - Metro
Chris Rutten
Field Coordinator, Alamogordo/Ruidoso
(575) 630-5404
Suzanne Marquez
Sr. Engineering Tech, Metro
(505) 241-3479
Michael Molina
Field Coordinator, Silver City/Deming
(575) 544-6481
Acacia Pereira
Engineer, Metro
(505) 241-3435
Glenn Miller
Field Coordinator, Santa Fe
505 241-3467
Kayla Yaksich
Engineer, Metro
Lynae Arnold
Service Coordinator
Luis Jimenez
Engineer, Metro
(505) 241-3431
Danielle Martinez
Service Coordinator
Rachel Sandoval
Service Coordinator
Bernadette Serrano
Service Coordinator
Jerry Taylor
Service Coordinator
Vanessa Flores
Service Coordinator
Natalie Martinez
Service Coordinator
Jocelyn Martinez
Service Coordinator
Stefanie Swanson
Service Coordinator
Bella Winkler
Service Coordinator