PNM Home Energy Checkup

It's always the right time to save energy and money and with a free PNM Home Energy Checkup, you can do both. You will receive a comprehensive report on your home's energy performance, learn ways to become energy smart, improve your comfort, and lower your monthly energy costs.

Choose an in-home visit or virtual video call appointment

1. Schedule your PNM Home Energy Checkup online or by calling 1-855-775-6491 

2. How would you like to have your appointment? 

Video Call Option: A PNM Energy Specialist will contact you for an introductory call. We will perform a phone video assessment of your home lighting, heating, and cooling systems, insulation, and appliances. At the end of the assessment, the Energy Specialist will email you the personalized report and share insights on how your home uses energy, recommend improvements, and discuss your eligibility for other energy efficiency rebates.  We will drop off the free energy-saving products along with installation instructions and information about other rebate programs you qualified for at your home, following social distancing measures. Next, the energy specialist will schedule a follow-up call to verify that the products we dropped off have been installed or to see if you need assistance with the installation. We're happy to help you with the installation through a video call.

In-Home Option: A PNM Energy Specialist will come to your home and spend about 1-1.5 hours with you in person to perform a thorough assessment of your home lighting, heating and cooling systems, insulation, and appliances and will also install the energy-saving products in your home. At the end of the assessment, the Energy Specialist will provide you with a personalized report and share insights about how your home uses energy, recommend improvements, and discuss your eligibility for other energy-saving rebates.


or call 1-855-775-6491 to get started.


Appliance Replacement Rebates

Once your appointment is complete, you may be eligible for rebates on purchases of replacement appliances for your home.  Information on available rebates can be found here.


Energy Efficiency program appointments and rebates are on a first-come, first-served basis and are for a limited time only. Once the PNM Home Energy Checkup program reaches its maximum capacity this year, the program will resume the next calendar year. 

PNM customers are eligible to get rebates from PNM when they purchase and install eligible insulation. Early Replacement appliances and/or efficient cooling equipment (the "Energy Conservation Measure"). Insulation, appliances, and/or cooling equipment for which a rebate is requested must be in new, unused condition. This rebate is good for purchases made within ten (10) years after the completion of the PNM Home Energy Checkup, or while rebate funds are available for this program. The appliance replacement rebate form must be submitted within six (6) months of the Energy Star certified appliance purchase.  Limit one rebate for insulation, one rebate for each type of Early Replacement appliance per PNM residential electric account, and two cooling rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. Complete terms and conditions (PDF).


Updated March 14th, 2024