PNM Power Up Grants

Supporting vibrant communities throughout New Mexico

PNM Power Up Grants will not be offered in 2017. Instead, we are doing something very special this year as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of PNM. A New Century of Service Grants will support organizations that promote economic development and education within the PNM service territory.

2016 PNM Power Up Grant Recipients

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Grant Overview

PNM Power Up Grants aim to strengthen New Mexico by investing in our communities. The PNM Fund seeks innovative and creative proposals that support the communities PNM serves and where it has business interests. We look forward to partnering with you to invest in vibrant community spaces.

Proposals should support community and neighborhood revitalization, promote area improvements and green space development and create meaningful public spaces. 

  • Grants may be submitted for up to $20,000. A total of $500,000 in funding is available.
  • Grants should clearly demonstrate plans to create awareness of PNM within the community and, where possible, engage PNM employees.
  • Applications may only be submitted by 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, municipalities and tribal organizations. Each group may only apply once, unless acting as a fiscal agent.

2016 Grant Webinar

Grant Proposals Requirements

In order to be considered, grant proposals must:

  1. Describe the project, community need and transformation that will result from the project
  2. Demonstrate collaboration and engagement of community members, volunteers, partners and stakeholders
  3. Include measurable goals, a budget and a timeline
  4. Include detailed plans for maintenance and sustainability
  5. Describe how the PNM Fund will be recognized, including media and outreach plans

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Ineligible Organizations

The following types of organizations cannot apply for a PNM Power Up Grant:

  • Sectarian or religious programs for religious purposes
  • Veterans, labor and political organizations or campaigns
  • Organizations outside of the PNM service territory or communities where the company has business interests
  • Organizations that are not registered with the appropriate state registration agency (New Mexico Attorney General, IRS) or are not in good standing with the registration body
  • Organizations that limit membership and services based on race, religion, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age or national origin
  • Organizations without current or active IRS 501(c)(3) status

See examples of successful national community projects and get additional resources.

FAQs: PNM Power Up Grants

  • Can PNM Power Up Grants fund the creation of public art projects?
    • Yes, the PNM Power Up grants can fund the creation of public art projects.  However, the project must demonstrate community and volunteer involvement as well as a plan for long term sustainability. For example, a mosaic mural completed by youth in the community as focal point in the town square would be allowable.  However a mural completed solely by an artist would not be allowable. 
  • Can the PNM Power Up Grants fund neighborhood or community planning?
    • No, PNM Power Up Grants cannot solely fund community or neighborhood planning. For example, a PNM Power Up Grant cannot fund master planning. However, a PNM Power Up Grant may fund community conversations regarding a community intersection repair project.
  • Can PNM Power Up Grants fund marketing plans?
    • No, PNM Power Up Grants are not intended for this purpose.
  • Can PNM Power Up Grants fund community gardens?
    • Yes, PNM Power Up Grants can fund community gardens.
  • Can PNM Power Up Grants fund projects on private property?
    • Yes, PNM Power Up Grants can fund projects on private property; however, the property must be accessible to the public.