PNM Solar Energy Customer Program:
Large Systems

Program Overview
System type Solar PV or solar thermal electric system
System size Inverter VAC larger than 10 kWAC up to 100 kWAC
Contract term 8 years
Incentives REC purchase and net metering
REC prices  .0025ยข Check available capacity
REC price determination When application is considered complete by PNM. Completed application (def.)
Net excess energy produced Paid out at PNM's avoided cost rate per billing period


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Solar REC Purchase Program

Customers should consider the application fee and potential REC credits when determining whether or not the Solar REC Purchase Program makes economic sense.

Selling your RECs to PNM:  This option requires you to pay an application fee of $450.  PNM will purchase your RECs for $.0025 (1/4 cent) per KWh of renewable energy that you produce. If you are a customer with solar energy production of 600KWh per month, PNM will pay you $1.50 per month for the 8-year term of your contract.  When you sell RECs to PNM, PNM may be relieved of its obligation to otherwise provide the amount of renewable energy represented by the RECs you have sold. This means that your solar energy production may not result in any additional renewable energy on PNM's system.

Not selling your RECs to PNM:  this option has a lower application fee of $100, rather than $450.  PNM, however, will not purchase your RECs.  If you do not sell your RECs, no-one else may claim the environmental benefits of your renewable energy production.  This also means that your renewable energy will be in addition to the amount of renewable energy that utilities must by law provide. Opting to retain RECs means that your solar production may cause more renewable energy on the PNM system.

Interconnection and Net Metering Rules

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