PNM Solar Energy Incentive Program:
Completed Application Terms

To be considered complete, an application for interconnection and/or RECs, must include the following:

  • Application form - Each section of the application must be completed, and the application must be signed and dated by the interconnection customer.
  • Non-refundable application fee - Attach a check made payable to Public Service Company of New Mexico ("PNM") at the time the application is submitted. Applications without the correct application fee will not be considered or reviewed.
  • One-line electric diagram - A one-line electrical diagram of the solar energy system and its interconnection to the utility system. The one-line electrical diagram must include: - Renewable generator ( PV panels or solar thermal electric generator) - Inverter (must include manufacturer, model number and VAC rating) - Customer generation AC disconnect (must include manufacturer, model number and VAC rating) - REC meter - Main service panel - Billing meter - Other (e.g. batteries, transfer switches, DC disconnects, etc.)
  • Site-map - A site map showing the location of equipment listed in the one-line diagram, customer name and address, street designator and compass rose.
  • Specification ("Spec") sheet - The spec sheet for the inverter.
  • Fault current informaiton - Fault current information showing the AC output fault current for each type of inverter used.  Fault current at 3 cycles or 50 ms is preferable.  If the manufacturer does not provide this, the closest available reading is acceptable.  Acceptable documentation for the AC output fault current: (1) specifications data sheet from the manufacturer; or (2) an e-mail from the manufacturer giving the AC output fault current.  Please not that official documentation is required; noting the data on the 1-line or 3-line diagrams will not be accepted.