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Interconnect and get net metering and / or REC payments

In November of 2016, PNM was approved to extend the Customer Solar REC Purchase Programs, for systems up to 100 kWAC, for three more years from January 1, 2017 and continuing through the end of 2019.  The program extension is for new applicants who apply on or after January 1, 2017 and do not have an interconnected system at the time of application for a new system. Starting January 1, 2018, PNM has been approved to extend the Customer Solar REC Purchase Program to systems larger than 100 kWAC up to and including 1 MWAC.

Customers should consider the minimum $450 REC application fee for large systems to help determine whether the energy generated by their solar system makes economic sense. For example, a customer generating 600 kWh in a given month would be eligible for a REC credit of $1.50.

PNM customers can still choose to only interconnect their large solar energy systems and net meter. Please use the Interconnection with Net Metering Only application found below. The fee is specified on the application and the requirements for the application (1-line diagram, site map, inverter spec sheet, fault current, copy of bill) are the same. Please also note that the installation of an interconnection-only system is the same as the REC purchase installation; it will still require the REC meter housing. PNM will install its own monitoring meter; although the customer will not receive REC credits, the readings from the monitoring meter will show on their electric bill so they can track their generation.

Apply to interconnect and get net metering only

Application for Interconnection with Net Metering Only 

Apply to interconnect and get both net metering and REC payments 

Please note:  The REC Purchase Program is for new applicants with systems greater than 10 kWAC and less than or equal to 1 MWAC and do not have a system interconnected at the time of this application.

Application for Interconnection with Net Metering and REC Payments  

Mail completed applications to:

Julia Miller - Customer Solar Programs 
Main Offices
Albuquerque, N.M., 87158-1135

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