Generation Portfolio

PNM produces electricity from a variety of sources to keep your lights on and your home and business humming. That variety helps keep your electricity as reliable as possilbe, while using wind and solar energy, and keeping the cost as affordable as possible.

Here are the energy sources by fuel type and their capacity as of December 2015. Capacity is the maximum electric output an energy source can produce at peak generation efficiency.


Compare that to the energy produced in 2015 by source, as displayed in the graph below. The energy produced varies by source from year to year because availability, price or weather may mean we have to use more or less of a certain source.

PNM Generation as of 12/31/2015

PNM has invested $270 million on large scale solar energy centers in New Mexico and we have more than 1 million solar panels at 15 different solar sites to provide clean energy for our state. These solar centers are capable of providing power to more than 40,000 average homes for a year. 


You can see all the ways that PNM generates electricity and their capacities in the chart below.

Where your power comes from table