2020 IRP

Planning for the future generation

PNM requested input from our customers and industry experts to help us prepare our PNM Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for 2020-2040. PNM is always planning for the future and every three years we file an IRP with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) that includes a four-year action plan and a look at energy needs for the next 20 years.

PNM 2020-2040 Integrated Resource Plan Executive Summary PDF Document
PNM 2020-2040 Integrated Resource Plan Full Report** PDF Document
PNM 2020-2040 Integrated Resource Plan Appendices* ** PDF Document

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Meeting Information

PNM initiated this year-long planning process by welcoming community and industry input and feedback at a kick-off meeting on July 16, 2019 at 10am at the State Bar of New Mexico. Additional meetings were held with scheduled meetings posted at PNM.com/IRP. PNM appreciated the participation and valuable input we received in our IRP process.

Throughout this process, PNM examined the challenges and opportunities for providing energy in the future and identified the most cost-effective portfolio of resources to meet customers' energy needs under the state's IRP rule.

Detailed requirements for the PNM IRP may be found in NMPRC Rule 17.7.3 NMAC which can be accessed through the NMPRC website at nm-prc.org.

2020 IRP Meetings-Presentations & Supporting Materials

As materials were presented, they were added to this page for reference. 

**Cancelled - February 4, 2020: Electric Load & Commodity Price Forecasts and Model Scenario Discussion

**Meetings postponed due to COVID-19: March 10, 2020 Process Update, April 14, 2020 Process Update/Public Draft, May 12, 2020 Advisory Group Comments 

2023 IRP Process Meeting: PNM.com/IRP

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