Go Paperless

When you sign up for Paperless Bill, PNM will email your bill to your primary email address every month. 

  • No more paper bills.

  • You choose how to pay.

  • It's free.

  • Sign up or make changes online.

How it works

  • Each month, you'll receive an email with the amount due and due date plus a PDF copy of your PNM bill

  • Your existing due date will not change

Choose a payment method that works for you:

  • Free: Pay online from your checking, savings or money market account for free or use your bank or credit union's web site

  • $2.95 fee: Pay online with a credit, debit or ATM card

  • Or for ultimate convenience, sign up for automatic payment, too. We'll deduct your payment from your bank account on the day it is due.