Our Commitment

 PNM has set a goal to become the nation’s first investor-owned utility to achieve announce a zero-emission goal by 2040. PNM has been a part of New Mexico for more than 100 years and our commitment to the environment and taking care of the people who live, and work here is unwavering Over time, we've developed policies that spells out our dedication to the environment. Processes and procedures will continue to evolve over time, but our environmental stewardship, operational excellence and accountability will not falter. See our path to 100 by clicking here.


Stewards of the Land

As New Mexicans our heritage is defined by our culture and the land we live and work on. Whether in the high deserts and red tinged mesas in the west, the soaring alpine forested mountains in the north, the rolling fruited plains in the east or the lush central river valley that flows into the croplands in the south, we are a part of the land as much as it is part of us. As stewards of this land, we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to preserve our beautiful environment. On these pages, you will find a thorough demonstration of our efforts. See our Sustainability story by clicking here. 


Energy Sources

With more than 1,000,000,000 solar panels (and growing) installed across the state, PNM is the number one provider of renewable energy to New Mexicans. Each year our wind, solar and geothermal resources generate the power used by more than 154,000 average homes. To ensure safe, reliable and affordable service to you, our customers, PNM employs a diverse mix of resources in addition to renewables including natural gas, nuclear power and coal. Because of our dedication to cleaner energy, we never stop working to make sure these resources are provided in the most environmentally friendly way as possible.  You can view in real-time the percentage of renewable energy we are using on our system. This is the amount of energy generated by resources such as sun, wind and geothermal. Click here  to see the renewable number now!


Environmental Highlights

At PNM, we feel it is important to talk about the strides we make when it comes to the environment. Our Sustainability Portal has been created to replace the PNM Environmental Highlights reports. The reports from 2013, 2014 and 2015 can still be accessed and downloaded here, or by clicking the Environmental Highlights link above. The Sustainability Portal features achievements in several key environmental areas including, renewable energy, water, solid waste, and others.  See our Sustainability story by clicking here.


Get Involved

Did you know that as a PNM customer, you can affect the amount of renewable energy PNM builds by signing up for the voluntary PNM Sky Blue® program? To promote good environmental stewardship, we promote energy efficiency and we strongly support our customers who chose to invest in private rooftop solar systems on their homes and businesses. You can also get involved in the process of determining the future of power generation in New Mexico by getting involved in our Integrated Resource planning process. Learn more about our energy efficiency programs by clicking here. 


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