Interconnection and Net Metering

If you're a PNM customer interested in installing your own electricity generation on your home or commercial building, then you'll be interested in learning more about PNM's interconnection process.


Interconnection is available to any PNM customer, residential or business, that installs a qualified system to the PNM power grid.  To help you with this, PNM has developed an interconnection procedure and safety standards for a safe and reliable system.  


You will benefit by net metering when you install and interconnect a qualified system to the PNM power grid.  This means that since your system is producing energy, you only have to buy electricity from PNM when you have used more energy than your system produced in a given billing period.  You may also qualify for other incentives offered by PNM for solar renewable energy credits or RECs.  Check here to see if you qualify.

How to Apply

By working with PNM before you start construction of your system, not only will you have safe and reliable power, you can minimize the cost of your interconnection.  

Depending on the size and type of your system, the interconnection process may vary. Select the option that best describes the facility to be interconnected.  The interconnection process is outlined in each section,

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Interconnection rules and The N.M. Interconnection Manual

For your reference, the following rules apply to interconnection in New Mexico: 

  • Rule 17.9.568 (PDF) - applies to interconnection for qualifying and non-qualifying facilities up to 10 MW.
  • The New Mexico Interconnection Manual (PDF) - outlines requirements and process for interconnection of generating facilities.
  • Rule 17.9.569 (PDF) -  applies to interconnections for qualifying and non-qualifying facilities greater than 10 MW.
  • Rule 17.9.570 (PDF) - outlines the guidelines for metering qualifying facilities.