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Getting Help

The PNM Good Neighbor Fund is an emergency assistance fund for PNM customers facing an unexpected financial hardship due to an emergency situation. The PNM Good Neighbor Fund may be able to help cover part or all of a past-due PNM bill.

Grant recipients are income-eligible with proof of a qualified emergency situation that occurred within the last six months that has caused an unexpected loss in household income.

How to apply for help

  1. First, apply for help from the New Mexico Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  2. Apply in person at any PNM Good Neighbor Fund provider
    Please note: some locations require you make an appointment. To be seen in Albuquerque, you must call (505) 967-8045 to schedule an appointment. Bring with you:
  • proof of this year's approved LIHEAP application, such as a LIHEAP approval letter or a printout from the Department of Human Services showing you have been approved for LIHEAP.
  • your current PNM bill that is 30 or more days past-due;
  • proof of income for everyone in the home, including a bank statement with monthly deposits listed; 
  • valid ID for everyone in the home: picture ID for adults and birth certificate, shot records, school ID, or Medicaid card for children. 
  • paperwork showing proof of the financial hardship that occurred within the last six months, such medical bills, mortgage statements, etc.

If you are disabled, you can fax your information.

Applications are not accepted over the phone. But if you are unable to apply in person because you are disabled or have some other restricting circumstance, have a friend or relative fax your completed 2-page Good Neighbor Fund Application , qualification checklist, and documentation (see apply in person).

Albuquerque or statewide FAX number:  1-855-457-7560

If the PNM bill you pay is not in your name

The PNM account holder can authorize you to apply for the PNM Good Neighbor Fund on his or her behalf. They must sign an account information release form . Bring the signed release form and a copy of their ID when you apply.

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