Pay My Bill by Text

Send a text message to pay

Pay by text is an option that allows you to pay by simply responding to a text message from PNM PayByText.

How it works.

You can sign up for Pay By Text in three simple steps.

First, you need to create a KUBRA EZPAY® account.

Next, within that account, you will set up your saved payment method, either a bank account or a bank/credit card. 

Finally, you enable the PayByText option.

Once your have enabled PayByText, you will receive a text message three days before your PNM bill is due. The message will contain the amount you owe, the due date, and a unique code.

You simply reply with the unique code to make your payment.

The amount due will be charged to your saved payment method and you will receive a response stating that your payment has been successfully processed.

To setup PayByText create your KUBRA EZPAY® account using the Get Started button.


Good Neighbor Fund

Do you need assistance paying your electric bill?

Residential customers with a disconnect notice can apply for assistance through our emergency program, PNM Good Neighbor Fund.

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